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Genealogies and Family Histories

MHSBC is grateful for all donations of family histories. We request that family histories, as far as possible, be sourced, footnoted, and indexed. We would also appreciate if digital copies could be submitted in addition to paper copies, whenever this is feasible. Thank you for your contributions and for the trust you place in MHSBC.

*** Up-to-date cross-referenced PDF version of Family Histories June 2019 ***

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Abe and Susie: A Family History of Abram C. Ens and Susie Schellenberg.
      Compiled by Alvin Ens. Large hardcover. Brief memoirs, numerous photos,
      genealogies, maps. Russian Mennonite immigrant story, good first person
      accounts. Abbotsford: Ens Publishing, 2010, 135 pp.

Affleck, Elizabeth Reimer, see A Mother's Heart

All in a Row: The Klassens of Homewood
      By Katherine Martens. Attractive paperback. The story of minister D. D. Klassen,
      his wife, Susan, and their fifteen children in Manitoba. A family saga with the emphasis
      on the father. Genealogies, b/w photos. Well-written narrative. Mennonite Literary
      Society, Winnipeg, 1988. 164 pp.

Amazing Story of the Friesens in Canada, The.
      Photocopy. Coats of arms, glossary, addresses, genealogical resources. Author,
      Sharon Taylor, 1984.

Ancestors of Anna Voth Voth
      Binder of photocopied genealogical information. Meticulous family trees, some
      handwritten documents. Detailed genealogies.

Ancestors of John Froese: Born 16 December, 1902.
      Bound photocopy. Detailed genealogy, n/d, n/a.

And in Their Silent Beauty Speak: A Mennonite Family in Russia and Canada 1790-1990
      Written, edited and compiled by Anne Konrad. A beautifully written history of
      a Russian Mennonite family, in a sense more impressionistic than linear. "The crowd of
      ghosts chatters in snatches of dialogue, comes to us in letters, journals, memories. ...
      Whoever thinks chronologically for one full hour, or even a minute?" The volume contains
      a multitude of anecdotes and good storytelling. Numerous photos, maps, family
      trees. Well indexed. 2004. 507 pp.

Andres, Gerhard & Anna (Toews)
      Family of Peter and Agathe Penner Andres. Peter 1821-1882. History, genealogy.

Andres Family History & Genealogy.
      This begins with Gerhard Andres (b. 1691?) and Anna Toews. Extensive genealogical
      record beginning in Germany (Prussia) to U.S. & Canada.

Art and Vicky Warkentin Hoock Story.
      Compiled and written by Art Hoock. Numerous photos, colour, b/w. Genealogies.
      Excellent source material. Self published, 213 pp. plus appendices.

Aus Meinem Leben (From My Life)
      By Johann Epp. Bound photocopy. German language memoir and family history. The
      author, born in 1920 in Siberia, tells of his life as a medical practitioner and prisoner
      under the Soviet regime. A compelling story. Author Johann Epp managed to immigrate
      to Germany in 1983. The manuscript appears to have been originally typewritten.
      Genealogies, documents, b/w photos. Self-published, Bielefeld, Germany, 1986. 129 pp.

Autobiography of Abraham Stobbe of Abbotsford, BC, 8 1/2 x 11, typewritten and
      photocopied, self-published, 1976, 29 pp. Colourful and well-written.

Baerg. See also Not Without Zeal.

Baerg. See also The Story of William Baerg.

Baerg Family -
      The story of the Baerg Family. Extensive genealogy is included beginning
      with Peter Baerg (1856-1933) and Margaretha Loewen (1860-1945).

Baerg, Henry - As I Remember It
      He describes his growing up years in Saskatchewan and beyond. Included are some notes on
      their ancestors with beginnings in Russia.

Baerg, Johan & Anna (Duerksen) - Family Record - 1836-1960s

Baerg, Johann and Catrina (Neuman) - 1777-1992
      A family history and genealogy of Johann and Catrina (Newman) Baerg
      Compiled by Russell H. Janzen--355 pages. Published by Family History Publishers
      In addition to Baerg/Berg, key family names include Classen, Friesen, Janzen, Loewens,
      Lorenz, Martens and Toews. The introduction covers a brief overview of Mennonite history
      from 1534 to 1926 and includes maps and pictures. Johann Berg was born in 1760 in
      West Prussia and immigrated to the Lechfelde area of West Prussia. A grandson,
      Gerhard, settled in Mountain Lake, Minnesota, in 1870. This is an extensive genealogy of
      Johann and Catrina's descendants. There is a comprehensive index.

Baergens, The - 1925-1970 - Forty-Five Years on the Prairies. Gerhard Gerhard and Maria
      Peters Baergen. Family tree, genealogies, photos b & w. Personal memoir, GG Baergen.

Bahnmann Centennial Celebration -
      Commemorating the arrival of Heinrich and Katharina (Wiens) Bahnmann and family.
      It contains extensive genealogical information beginning with Heinrich Peter Bahnmann
      (1852-1906) and Katharina Wiens (1859-1936). Also included is a CD of 775 photos of the family.

Bahnmann, H. - The Last Days of the H. Bahnmann Family in Russia and their voyage
      to North America in 1903.

      Information from the diary of Margaretha Bahnmann, the journal of Nicolai Bahnmann and
      the diary of Henrietta Bahnmann. Includes some genealogical information.

Bahnmann, Heinrich and Katherina (Wiens)
      1859-1936 Diary of Katherina (Wiens) Bahnmann. Introduction by Granddaughter Clara (Epp)
      Klassen. Katherina Wiens, daughter of Nickolai of Berdyansk began keeping a diary as a
      young girl. Her mother also kept a diary. Those entries were put on tape by a
      granddaughter Anna. A great grandson, Stewart Epp, had them translated into English.
      Clara Klassen, a granddaughter, wrote the introduction and conclusion to the book.
      The entries date from 1870 to 1974 and provide interesting information about life
      in a wealthy Mennonite family.

Balzer, Jake. See also My Life in Retrospect.

Bargen, Genealogy of Bargen, Schmidt, Wittenberg and Friesen
      This extensive genealogy includes Gerhard Bargen (b. 6 June 1840-16 Mar 1924), his
      ancestors and descendants. Also included are photographs and family stories.

Bargen - Neufeld Genealogy
      Earliest ancestors are Isaac Bargen (1821-1875) and Justina Loewen, and Gerhard Neufeld
      (1827-1916) and Anna Teichroew. Extensive genealogical information.

Bartel. See also Chronik der Familien Epp und Bartel.

Bartel - 1834 - 1990s by P.K. Bartel
      Heinrich Bartel (1884 - 1872) and Gertrude Warkentin (1832 - 1872).
      Extensive genealogical data and family stories.

Bartsch Family History by Larry D. Sawatzky (N. Vancouver)
      This is the family record of Absalom Bartsch and Maria Konrath who emigrated from
      Russia to Minnesota, U.S.A. in 1875.

Bauman Family History, The
      Subtitled: Family Records of the descendants of Pioneer Joseph Bauman;
      also some records of David and Henry Bauman.

      Compiled by Sarah Bauman and Erna Freeman. A hardcover that consists almost
      entirely of numbered and indexed family records. Meticulous detail. The story of
      a Swiss Mennonite family that emigrated from the eastern United States to Canada
      before Confederation, pioneering the lands now centred by Kitchener/Waterloo.
      St. Jacobs, 1967. 308 pp.

Beitrag zum Familien Buch von Heinrich Penner und Anna Woelk.
      By David G. Penner. "Supplement to the Family Book of Heinrich Penner and Anna
      Woelk." Typed and copied. Strictly text. 1983. 57 pp.

Berg, Abram J. Memoir: My Life's Journey
      The life story of Abram J. Berg, 1903-1997, edited by Betty and Dick Epp.
      In addition to the narrative of Berg's life, this autobiography includes maps,
      charts, photos and an extensive genealogical chart.

Bergen Family Tree.
      Bound photocopy. Detailed family tree. n/a.

Bergen Reunion - Family members recount stories of the family including migrations to
      Germany, Paraguay and Canada.

Bergen, Salomon - 1831-1995
      Contains some general information about the Bergen name and Anabaptist beginnings.
      Begins with Bernhard von Bergen (1769-1809) and his wife Katharina Penner (1773-1809)
      in Chortitza and continues to include family information to 1995. Also include family
      trees, anecdotes and over 600 photographs.

Bergmann, Abram P. (1884-1971) and Katharina Wiens (1887-1980)
      "Of Russian Roots and Canadian Migration" by Michael Penner. This is an illustrated
      story of family history and ancestry.

Block - Block Family Journal - Ancestors and descendants
      Written and researched by Henry J. Block, Ontario. Compiled and submitted by
      Jack Block, Langley, BC. Family names include von Kampen, & Siemens.

Block, Johan & Cornelia - The Way We Were
      This is a pictorial account of this family 1935 to 1961.

Boehs, Jacob H
      JACOB H. BOEHS FAMILY RECORD. Compiled by Louise Schmidt
      A genealogy of Jacob H. Boehs family covering the years 1858-1977. In addition
      to Boehs, Key family names are Frantz, Koehn, Ratzlaff, Schmidt and Wedel.
      Jacob H. Boehs was born to Henry B. and Helena (Koehn) Boehs, August 23, 1858,
      in a village in Poland, Russia. He came to America in 1874 and settled in Oklahoma.
      The book includes family stories of that pioneer period.

Benjamin Boese Family, The.
      Compiled by Martha Tschetter, 1976. Photocopied and bound. Numerous genealogies of
      Russian Mennonite families that immigrated mostly to the United States. Some photos and maps.

Boldt Genealogy.
      Compiled by Art and Hilda Kasper. Handwritten and photocopied. Bound 8x11.
      96 pages of family genealogies. Russian Mennonite story.

Born. See "The Neufelds & Borns of Kubanka: A Pictorial History of Two Families."

Born, Anna - 1888-1992
      CHANGES: ANNA BORN       Stories from the life of Anna Born Assembled by Anna
      Schroeder--174 pages Printed by Regehr's Printing, Winnipeg.
      Interesting stories about life in Manitoba from the late 1800's to the 1980's.
      Includes photographs.

Born, Wilhelm J. and Katherina (Dueckman) 1897-1969
      Episodes in the life of Wilhelm J. and his son Jacob W. Born translated by Tillie Buehler
      Imprint Press, Publishers. Wilhelm was born in 1897 in Herzenberg, South Russia.
      He was conscripted in 1916 and assigned to a hospital train. He married and immigrated
      to Saskatchewan and then settled in Sedalia, Alberta, where son Jacob William was born.
      Jacob's story begins with the hardships of farming in Alberta. They move to British Columbia
      where he establishes a successful dairy business. The book includes family photographs.

Bornn, Abraham and Aganetha - Family Record of Abraham and Aganetha Bornn
      A genealogy of the Abraham and Aganetha (Janzen) Bornn family--1881-1977
      Compiled by Tina Klaassen--61 pages
      In addition to Bornn, key family names include Dyck, Hildebrand, Peters,
      Sawatzky and Schapansky. Includes a brief biography and a family index.

Brandt Family Tree Album - Esther (Brandt) Born
      This is the story of the Brandt Family beginning with Kornelius A. Brandt (b.1852)
      and Margaretha Rempel (b.1852) The Album contains much genealogical information,
      stories and photographs and includes an index.

Braun. See also And in Their Silent Beauty Speak

Braun, Abram & Anna (Falk) Braun - Family Reflections - (1860-1991)
      This album contains a brief history of the Mennonites, a timeline, some maps and other
      general information. There is a section of genealogical data including ship records.
      The remainder of the book details the family records beginning in the Bergthal Colony in
      southern Russia with the biography of Abram Braun (1860-1919) and Anna Falk Braun
      (1866-1938). Many family stories and photographs bring the story up to date in the 1990s.

Braun/Brown Book:
      An extensive genealogical study of the descendants of Jacob John Braun, born 1840.

The Braun Family
      Information on the descendants of Jacob John Braun & Anna (Warkentin) 1840-1909,
      Ukraine, Russia. Compiled by Isaac and Annie Braun--64 pages. Includes lineage
      chart, photographs of family groups and a list of names and addresses of the descendants.

Braun Family Tree
      Genealogy of Jacob D. Braun 1826-1919 and Katherina (Funk) Braun 1827-1920
      A family history and genealogy of the Jacob D. and Katherina (Funk) Braun family,
      1776-1995 Compiled by Henry J. Braun, Published by Braun Family Tree Committee--282 pages
      Printed by Martens Printing.

      In addition to Braun (Bruhn), key family names include Dueck, Funk, Giesbrecht and Harder.
      The family story begins in Lakendorf, Poland, in the mid seventeen hundreds. Braun family
      emigration to South Russia began in 1788 and the move to Canada in 1875. Subsequently
      branches of the family emigrated to Paraguay, Bolivia and Mexico. This extensive genealogy
      includes those family members. Includes brief histories and photographs of early family
      member, lineage charts and maps.

Brown, (Braun) Anna (Book I)
      The Memoirs of Anna (Braun) Brown - 1894-1984
      Brown, (Braun) Anna (Book II) Translated by Margaret (Brown) Froese, typed by Trudy
      (Froese) Voth, 2 volumes, 335 pages. This is Anna's life story. She begins with a
      first recollection of standing in a doorway in the sunlight at two years old. Her
      father was a schoolteacher who was forced to give up teaching in the late 1800s.
      They move to the village of New York in New Russia. She provides a great deal of detail
      about her own teaching experience, the period of revolution, health problems of her
      sisters and her own and their medical care, their weddings and the emigration to Canada.
      The second volume covers her life in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The story
      ends on July 25, 1976 when Anna is 82, alone and lonely.

Brucks. Se also Henry & Elsie Brucks.

Bückert. See also Chronik der Familien Hübert und Bückert.

Building Life's Bridges: A Memoir and Tribute by Henry Rempel
      Large glossy coffee table hardcover. The story of post-World War II Russian Mennonite
      refugees that starts in Einlage. Numerous photos both colour and b/w. Namesake
      Publishing, 2013, 95 pp.

But for the Grace of God: Life History of Jacob Warkentin
      Autobiography of Jacob Warkentin. Bound photocopy. Russian Mennonite story,
      immigrants to Manitoba. No photos. 1981. 103 pp.

Buxbaum Family Reunion July 13-14, 1974 in Komoka, ON
      An extensive collection of memoirs, letters, songs and genealogical charts
      illustrating the Buxbaum family history.

Call to Remembrance: Abraham C. Neufeldt & Elisabeth Heinrichs
      Bound 8x11 photocopy. Story of Russian Mennonites who moved from Bergthal
      to Canada in the 1870s (Kanadier). Excellent photos, maps, well researched,
      with footnotes. Compiled by Margaret Neufeld Froese, 2001.

A Canadian Story: The Bill and Martha Strahl Story, by Gary Strahl
      Large red hardcover, glossy, numerous b& w photographs, as well as genealogies, maps,
      recipes, some original manuscript material, family history of Kanadier Mennonites,
      Canadian prairies, printed by Canadian Photoscene, 1994, 385 pp.

Children and Heirs: The Story of Gerhard and Helena (Thiessen) Klassen. Their
      Ancestors and Descendants.

      By Margaret Froese. The family tree of a Russian Mennonite family. Numerous stories
      of family members down to the tenth generation. Photos, genealogies, good graphics.
      With an index of names. Self-published, Winnipeg, 2004. 163 pp. + appendix.

Chronik der Familien Epp und Bartel.
      No author listed. Large glossy bound book, German language, thorough genealogies,
      numerous b/w photos. No date or publisher.

Chronik der Familien Hübert und Bückert
      No author listed. Large glossy bound book, German language, thorough genealogies,
      numerous b/w photos. No date or publisher.

Cornelius P. Toews: 1836-1908
      This bound photocopy was a centennial project: "Dedicated to His Descendants: A
      Centennial Project: 1873-1973." Strictly genealogy. Compiled by Henry E. Toews,
      Frank P. Wiebe, and Cornelius L. Toews. 85 pp.

Dahl. See also A Genealogy of the Jacob Dahl Family.

Dahl/Wiens Cousins Family Album by Fred Peters
      This family album begins with Johann Dahl 91871-1954) and Lena Hooge (Wiens)
      (1876-1963) and gives an extensive listing of their descendants along with
      photos and family stories.

Daniel and Annie (Weber) Horst Family Book 1876-1955, The
      This book, which deals with a Swiss Mennonite family history, is laid out in two sections:
      Family Stories and Family Trees. It deals with Mennonites who lived on both sides of the
      Canada-US border. Neatly organized, with some sketches and photos. Edited by Andrea
      Horst, family trees laid out by Howard S. Bauman. Bauman Printing, Elmira, 1990.

Defer and Klassen by Peter Defer
      Steppes to the Prairies - family stories and family tree.

Derksen, Gerhard G. (1866-1933) and Anna J. Pankratz (1871-1969)
      This family story includes the stories of the following generations and includes
      numerous photographs.

Derksen, Isaak and Helene (Bergen) Derksen
      This family history book begins with Abram Derksen (1823 - 1883) and Margaretha
      Regier (1826 - 1902) but is the story of Isaac Derksen (1864 - 1926) and Helene
      Bergen (1865 - 1902). Ancestry, descendants, stories and photos are all included.

Descendants of Franz Ens
      Strictly genealogies, beginning with Franz Ens, born 1751. Thoroughly indexed.
      8x11 bound photocopy, 30 pp.

Descendants of Gerhard Klassen (1855-1920) & Anna Klassen (1860-1936).
      Bound photocopy. Detailed genealogy. n/d, 68 pp.

Descendants of Paul Schellenberg 1634-1719 and their Families.
      Compiled by Bob and Barb Strong, Winnipeg, 1998. Extensive and detailed
      genealogies, with table of contents and appendix. Photocopied and bound, 333 pp.

Descendants of These Kulchiski's: Helen, Sam, John.
      Bound photocopy. Detailed family tree, 2000, 51 pp, n/d, n/a.

Descendants of William Hiebert and Katherine Esau
      Committee authorship, 125 pp bound, strictly genealogical information.

DeVeer - Descendants of Jan DeVeer -
      An extensive genealogy beginning with Jan DeVeer born c. 1536 in the
      Netherlands and continuing into the 1900s. The book contains an
      introduction and additional family information and has an index of names.

DeVeer - The Other DeVeers
      Genealogy of Gijsbert Jansz DeVeer born 1556 in Schiedam
      and Debora Harnasveger in 1580. Includes a name index.

The Diary of Jacob H. Teichroeb, 1915-1926.
      Diary, 8 1/2x11, translated from Russian and German by Jacob Teichroeb,
      detailed diary entries, photo, map, self-published, 57 pages, intriguing
      narrative of Mennonite experience in Russia.

Dick. See also Memories Are Made of This: The Story of the
      Johann and Liese Dick Family of Coaldale, Alberta.

Dick, David and Katharina (Schmidt)
      Ancestry of David and Katharina (Schmidt) Dick - Book I

Dick, David and Katharina (Schmidt)
      Descendants of David and Katharina (Schmidt) Dick - Book II
      ANCESTRY OF DAVID DICK (1861-1919) and KATHERINA SCHMIDT (1866-1919)
      DESCENDANTS OF DAVID DICK (1861-1919) and KATHERINA SCHMIDT (1866-1919).
      A genealogy of the David Dick and Katherina Schmidt family--1556-1993, 54 pages
      Compiled and translated from the German by John Lenzmann. Key family names
      include Dick, Epp, Loewen, Martins, Schroeder, Reimer, Toews, Van Dyck and
      Wall. The book, though in one volume, is divided into two books, Book 1,
      pages 1 through 23, covers the ancestry, Book 2, pages 25 to 52, the
      descendants. It includes an index.

Dick, Peter
      Family Register & story written by Peter H. Dick and translated by
      Hugo Friesen. The register begins in the late 1700s with Peter Dick
      who died in 1840 in Altonau, Molotschna. Family members are listed into
      the 1900s and notes are included which describe some of the family events and activities.

Peter P. Dick and Margareta Harder, The Life Story of--"In The Shadow of the Almighty"
      This family history begins with Peter P. Dueck and Louise Peters in
      Prussia in the mid-1800s. The bulk of the story traces the family
      history through Russia to Canada against the backdrop of early Mennonite
      history. Definite genealogical information begins with Peter P. Dick (
      Dec. 2, 1898) and Margareta Harder (March 20, 1904).

Dirks. See also Remembrances.

Dirks , Sylvester - The days That Were Ordained for Me -
      An autobiography of Sylvester Dirks (b.1916) beginning in
      Saskatchewan, missionary work in Latin America and pastoring in a variety of churches.

Doerksen, Isaac & Maria (Penner)
      A family genealogy which includes information from 1847 to the 1980s.

Doerksen, Peter (1752-1826). The Descendants of Peter Doerksen.
      This family genealogy includes eight generations of Doerksens,
      with the family name variously spelled.

Driedger Family History
      Large hardcover, b/w photos, genealogies, brief biographies, family histories, documents,
      maps. The family story begins with David Driedger's immigration to Canada in 1874: a
      "Kanadier" history. The book is well indexed, and each direct descendant is assigned a
      personal identity code. Steinbach, Manitoba, various authors, but editing and layout by
      Edwin Driedger, 1986. 123 pp.

Driedger. See also Stammtafel der Familie Driedger 1962

Driediger, Herman. Reflections of Herman Driediger: My First 65 Years
      A carefully produced pictorial and written biography, plus
      family history of the Driedigers.

Dueck. See also Frank and Tina (Dueck/Nikkel) Their Story

Dueck, Anthony - Family Genealogy
      This extensive genealogy begins with Heinrich Dyck and Judith Preuss
      in the 1700s. Many photographs are included.

Dueck, Helena (Thiessen)
      For Thou Art With Me - "A Tribute to My Mother" by Helene Dueck
      This is the story of Helena Thiessen Dueck and Johann D. Dueck.
      It contains traces of the family experiences in Russia, the Russian
      Revolution, the great trek to Poland and back to Siberia.

Dueck, Jacob A. - God's Leading in my Life
      This is the life story of Jacob A. Dueck. It is an account of places of residence,
      family growth and church involvements. Includes photos and a brief family record.

Dueck, John - Descendants of Jacob and Maria Dueck 1939-1986
      Some articles, photos b& w, but primarily genealogical material,
      Derksen Printers, 1986, 317 pp.

Dueck, Klaus and Descendants 1743-1981
      Compiled by J.P. Dyck, Springstein, Manitoba. Printed by Regehr's Printing
      Genealogy of the Dyck/Dueck family--122 pages
      Key family names include Epp, Peters, and Thiessen.
      Included are maps, photographs, clippings and copies of letters.

Dueck, Margaretha L. See Reimer, Aron R.

Dueck, Mary Regehr - The Good Stock
      Family stories of Russian Mennonites, paperback, numerous photos,
      b & w, many in colour, maps, sketches, genealogies, footnoted
      and indexed, 2009, 217 pp.

Duerksen/Dirksen. See also Spuren: Die Chronik der Familie Duerksen/Dirksen.

Dyck. See also Family Chronicle.

Dyck. See also Unsere Familie Dyck aus Rosental, Suedrussland

Dyck. See also Jacob Dyck Family Genealogy (1754-1929)

Dyck, Berend
      GENEALOGY OF BEREND DYCK (17-- 1965)
      Compiled by K. Peters. Genealogy of the Berend Dyck/Elizabeth Regehr
      family--198 pagesIn addition to Dyck/Dueck, key family names include Fast,
      Penner, Peters, Rempel and Unger Berend and Elisabeth had three sons, Jacob,
      Klaas, and Berend, who settled on an island in the Vistula River around
      the year 1790. Included are brief individual histories, family charts and an index.

Dyck, The Peter Dyck Family - by Ernest Dyck
      This genealogy begins with Frank Dyck (1817-1887) and his (unnamed) wife
      (1822-1897). The story begins in 1873 in Hierschau, Molotschna, S. Russia
      although a previous generation had moved there from West Prussia.
      Included is a good selection of family photographs.

Dyck, Ernest - Called to Witness
      This is the story of the Ernest Dyck (b. 5 Apr 1922) family with family
      background information in Russia and Canada. It is an extensive account
      of missionary involvement in the Congo and Quebec

Dyck, George and Anna (Wiebe) Dyck - Family Register
      George Dyck (1853-1937) and Anna Wiebe (1856-1926). Some ancestors are
      listed but the bulk of this extensive genealogical record contains the
      descendants along with some family and individual stories.

Dyck, Jacob and Elisabeth Jaeger, Descendants of.
      Large hardcover, detailed genealogies, numerous photos,
      Prussian/Russian/Mennonite history, compiled by John Dyck,
      Winkler, 1992, 302 pp.

Dyck, Jacob - My Remembrances in Four Books
      An interesting account of Jacob Dyck's life in the
      Soviet Union during the 1920s to the 1950s, including
      war and imprisonment, 268 pp.

Dyck, Maria - Tagebuch/Diary
      Diary account of life in the Soviet Union, German original,
      text, photos, translation into English by William Schellenberg.
      153 pp. Remembrances of her experiences 1942-1946 in Stalino,
      Kursk and other Russian locations and then to Poland, Germany
      and finally to Canada.

Dyck - Peter P. Dyck - Our Family Heritage
      The ancestors and descendants of Peter Dyck (1847-1881_ and
      Maria Bestvater (1839-1889). Includes extensive genealogical
      information, many photos plus family stories.

Eby Family -
      This is a thorough history and genealogy of the Eby Family
      beginning with Theodorus Eby(1663-1737) born in Switzerland,
      moved to Pennsylvania and numerous descendants have spread
      to many parts of the US and Canada.

Eck, Zacharias - Family Record.
      Genealogies, typewritten, in binder.
      Compiled by Lydia,Eck Cooper, Bethel College, Newton, Kansas, 1959.

Ekk, Heinrich Cornelius Family and Descendants

Elias. See also Remembering the Jacob and Maria Reinke Elias Family.

Elias Heritage 1766-1989
      Compiled by Mary Zacharias
      A comprehensive genealogy beginning with Peter Elias (1766-1841)
      born in Holland who married Maria Penner (d. 1819). Includes many
      photographs along with other family information.

Enns. See also Our Enns Family History.

Enns, Abraham & Katharina - Genealogy of 1784-1981.
      Also includes an abbreviated version of the above.

Enns, Elisabeth. See also Trials and Triumphs of a Mennonite Lady.

Enns, Franz F. & Elizabeth (Franz) -
      Compiled by F.F. Enns & Anna Epp Ens -The genealogy of Franz F.
      (1850-1899) & Elizabeth Franz (1850-1922) Enns of Alexanderthal,
      Molotschna and their descendants.

Enns, Johann J. Family - Our Enns Family History
      By Agatha Ratzlaff. A revision of the 1975 Family Register of the
      Johann J. Enns Family. 1773 to present.

Ens, Ens - A Family Heritage Johann J. Klassen
      Edited by Peter D. Zacharias, Published by Ernst J. Klassen,
      Printed by D. W. Friesen & Sons. Genealogy of the Gerhard Ens
      (1804-1893) and his wife nee Peters (1799-1864) who are buried in
      Neuendorf in Russia. Key family names include Dyck/Dueck, Fast,
      Friesen, Guenther, Heinrichs and Klassen. To quote from the book,
      Today several thousand descendants are scattered from Siberia in
      the east to British Columbia in the west, from Anchorage, Alaska,
      in the north to Curitiba, Brazil, in the south.

Ens, Abram C. See also Abe and Susie.

Enns. Also see Side by Side.

Enns. See also Descendants of Franz Ens.

Ens, Kornelius Ens 1819-1884
      A Record of Descendents in Canada and the USA
      Compiled by George Dyck and Verne Ediger

Epp. See also Johann Epp's Aus Meinem Leben

Epp. See also Chronik der Familien Epp und Bartel.

Epp. See also Chronik der Familien Epp und Bartel.

Epp. See also From the Root to the Fruit, or Our Heritage (Epp)

Epp. See also Iwanowka.

Epp. See also Side by Side.

Epp. See also Der Stammbaum Epp.

Epp, Cornelius & Sara (Andres)
      Family Tree (Copy in larger format on top of Family History Shelves)

Epp, Das Haus Des Heinrich
      Die Geschichte von Heinrich Epp 1811-1863
      Rosenort, Molotschna und Seine Nachkommen
      Sammlung und Redaktion Anna Epp Ens
      Das Haus Des Heinrich; Die Geschichte von Heinrich
      Epp, Book II - Bigger, better binding, on the next shelf

Epp, The Epp Family Path
      by Henry P. Epp

Epp, Johann. See A Tree Transplanted.

Epp, John H.: A Biography.
      Large hardcover, by John Mark Epp, numerous photos b/w, Russian Mennonite
      narrative, with family tree, Winnipeg, 1993, 104 pp.

Epp, Peter & Anna - Reminiscences From the Lives of
      ... 8 1/2 x 11 bound, bxw photos, family tree, Russian Mennonite history.

Erb, Paul and Alta, LIVING WISDOM, 1891-1978
      Written by Phyllis Pellman Good, photography Paul M. Schrock
      Published by Herald Press. Alta was a teacher and Paul a
      writer/editor. Phyllis Good interviewed them when they were
      in their eighties and the book is made up of those interviews.

Esau. See also Jacob and Anna (Wiebe) Esau

Esau, Abram J. - Memoirs
      This comprehensive memoir begins in the 1800s with
      Johann J. Esau (b.1838) and Helena Pauls (b. 1884) in
      Halbstadt and Schoensee, Russia. Memories of life in
      Russia, Saskatchewan, B.C. and the Congo comprise an
      interesting account of a full life. Included is a
      large collection of fine photographs.

Esau, Aron and Descendants
      Family history and genealogy of Aron Esau (1783-1845)
      and Elizabeth Huebert (d. 1902?).

Esau, Elma E. - Russia Letters
      Letters written from Russia to Edward Esau and family in
      Kansas and to Gerhard Esau II and family in Nebraska.

Esau, Katherine. See "Descendants of William Hiebert and Katherine Esau."

Esau, Peter and Helena (Neufeld).
      This is the genealogy of Peter Esau (d.1794) and
      Helena Neufeld (b.1772) and their descendants.

Esau, Peter Jacob (1895-1981) and Anna (Neufeld) Esau (1896- 1976)
      - From the Urals to the Fraser Valley.
      A Biography and Genealogy. Includes an extensive record of
      the Esau ancestors from the 1700s in Prussia to the current
      descendants in Canada. Many photos and stories help to chronicle
      this family story. By Richard D. Thiessen

Esau, Peter and Helena
      Genealogy of Peter and Helena (Neufeld) Esau, complied by
      Isaac Bergen. This production is comprised of lists of Esau
      descendant dating back to the early 1770s, including an
      extensive index to individuals in the genealogy.

Esau, Peter P. and Elizabeth (Penner) Esau
      The Descendants of Peter P. Esau (1794-1874) and Elisabeth
      (Penner) Esau (1801-1869): A Genealogical Outline compiled
      by Richard Thiessen, December 2006. This genealogy includes
      an exhaustive index.

Ewert, David Sr. - Pilgrims and Strangers
      The story of our Exodus from Russian and Settlement in
      Canada - 1800s-1970s. Translated by David Ewert, Jr

Ewert Family Story
      As told by daughter Mary Ewert, to granddaughter, Rebecca.
      The story of Frank John Ewert, (1842-1871?) and Maria Robby.
      Featuring William Frank Ewert, son of F. J. Ewert, father of
      Mary Ewert, author. Key family names: Fleming, Dick, Braun,
      Friesen, Robby, Enns, Klippenstein Summary: Family history -
      lineage of paternal and maternal grandparents and extended family
      of siblings on both sides. Details of life in Russia, America
      and Canada spanning 1842-1950. The families relocated frequently
      both in Russia, in the United States ie Kansas, Oklahoma,
      California, Texas - to Vanderhoof, BC. Canada, back to Oregon,
      then to various places in California. Some of the story must
      have been taped in the 30s and 40s are in the form of a diary.

Ewert, Franz P.
      This is the story of the Ewert family beginning in Prussia in
      the 1830s eventually moving Russia and then to Canada in 1905.
      Some family photos are included. Added to this is some research
      done by Lawrence Warkentin regarding to the beginning of the
      MB Church in Winnipeg.

Falk. See also The Family Record 1818-1971 of Bernhard B. Falk.

Falk, Henry and Margaret. See The Family of Henry B. Falk and Margaret (Dueck) Falk.

Falk, Werner and Margaret (Willms) 1929-1995 My Journey - My Autobiography
      A self published autobiography
      Key family names: Falk, Schapansky, Wieler, Dueck, Adrian
      A short introduction on grandparents, paternal and maternal
      A personal story from birth in Hepburn, Sask. To life in
      various areas of British Columbia. Experiences, as student,
      teacher, social worker and retiree.

Familien Chronik von Jakob Isaak Wiens. (Family Register of Jakob Isaak Wiens)
      Compiled by J. I. Wiens, 1958. Slim volume, photocopied and bound,
      of family registers. German language. Coaldale, Alberta.

Die Familien Johann und Kornelia Penner und deren Nachkommen 1790-2006 (The Families
      of Johann and Kornelia Penner and their Descendants) Compiled and published by
      Adelgunde Zajonc. German language, published in Germany, where the author resided
      at time of publication. Easily accessible, however, to English speakers, as there is very
      little text: the volume consists mostly of photographs and genealogical data. Mennonites
      concerned originate in Molotschna, but descendants have lived in North America,
      Paraguay, Germany, etc. This is a global family, well-documented. Bound photocopy,
      153 pp. + index.

Familienstammbaum (Family Tree)
      Compiled by D. D. Epp. Large hand-drawm family trees (literally). Kept in archives.
      A reduced size copy in Family Histories section. Cornelius and Sara Andres Epp
      family trees. Published in Winkler, Manitoba, 1958. Very little text, in German.

A Family Book from 1694 to 1916 and Personal Experiences by Peter Isaac
      Binder of genealogies, stories, documents. Some German language. Rosenort,
      Manitoba, 1980. Photocopies. Originally published by Center for MB Studies,
      Fresno, California. Story goes from Prussia to Russia to North America.

Family Book of Jacob W. Isaac 1879-1964
      Compiled by Herman and Frieda Isaac. 1993. Rosenort, Manitoba. Genealogies,
      anecdotes, diaries, a letter, poem, and list of sayings. Brief paperback, congenially

Family Chronicle Volume 1.
      Compiled by David D. Rempel. Photocopied and bound.
      Some brief histories. Fifty Pages of detailed genealogies.

Family History of Johann W. Rempel 1875-1953 and Katherina (Epp) Rempel 1887-1923
      Russian Mennonite immigrant memoir, 55 pp. of text. Genealogies,
      b/w photos, numerous documents, some handwritten, maps.
      Bound copy. Compiled by Margaret Rempel Pump.

Family of Henry B. Falk and Margaret (Dueck) Falk 1890-20...
      Photocopied and bound. Strictly genealogical data.

Family Record 1818-1971 of Bernhard B. Falk, The.
      Compiled by Henry B. Falk. Bound photocopies. Detailed family data
      and genealogies. 105 pp.

Family Register of Gerhard Wiebe.
      Compiled by Mary Enns, 1987. 128 pages of detailed family registers.
      Photocopied one sided and bound.

Fast. See also Elias Elias Loewen, his wife Helena Fast, and their Descendants.

Fast Family Tree - 1763-1963
      Brief historical background but very comprehensive. Variations of the Fast name as used
      in different areas. Information on common family names, village names in Prussia, farming
      and industry. Emigration to Russia, beginning in 1788 - Emigration to America, 1875.
      Trip reported in detail, to Mountain Lake, Minn. Family trees and information on 10
      branches of the Johann Fast III.
      Anna Fast Fishe       Rev. Heinrich Fast
      Johann Fast       Sara Fast Fleming Dick
      Helena Fast Baerg       Gerhard Fast
      Katharina Fast Fast       Herman Fast
      David Fast       Elizabeth Fast Wall

Fehr. See also Family Chronicle.

Fehr, Heinrich (1846-1911 and Sarah Neufeld (1847-1922)
      This is an account of the descendants of the above named persons with background
      information about beginnings in Holland and Prussia. Extensive genealogy records
      are provided.

Fehr, Mary (Loewen) - Family life in Speedwell, Sask. 1930-1943
      Describes family, church and school life. Some photos included.

Frag deine Eltern, was damals geschah ... Lebensgeschichte meiner Eltern
      Peter und Eugenie Rempel
      "Ask your parents what happened ... Life story of my parents Peter and Eugenie
      Rempel." By Erwin Rempel. German language paperback, self-published in
      Harsewinkel, Germany, 2004. High quality paperback with numerous photos b/w
      and genealogies. The story of Umsiedler (resettlers) who migrated from Russia
      to Germany when the doors opened in the USSR. Good history and background
      material. 199 pp.

Frank and Tina (Dueck/Nikkel) Their Story
      By Abe Dueck. Large glossy book, part history, part memoir, excellently edited
      and written. Many photos, both b/w and colour. Bibliography. Self-published,
      East St. Paul, Manitoba, 2012. 105 pp.

Fransen, Nicholas N. - My Pilgrimage

Friesen. See also The Amazing Story of the Friesens in Canada.

Friesen. See also Kith & Kin: D. Friesen Family Record.

Friesen. See also Perseverance Prayer & Progress: The Friesen Story, Canada - 1967

Friesen. See also Peter D. Friesen Family History 1500-1950

Friesen, David Heinrich Friesen & Family 1720-2001 - by Lynne (Kroeker) Ward
      A family history book containing extensive genealogical information, family notes
      and photographs which provide a detailed record of the family beginning with
      Heinrich Friesen (1802-1875) and Katarina Driedger (1808-1861).

Friesen - Dueck Family
      Begins with Abraham Friesen (1823-1903) and Maria Heinrichs (1831-1904) and also
      Wilhelm Dueck (1868-1936) and Helena Epp (1871-1961).
      Contains family and genealogical information.

Friesen, (Penner) Elfriede - Mein Lebensweg "Er führet mich ..." Psalm 23:3
      The life story of Elfriede Penner Friesen. Includes an excellent
      selection of b/w photographs.

Friesen Family Reunion - 1997.

Friesen, The Friesens 1768-1983.
      By Helen E. Regier. Maps, genealogies, 245 pp. Mennonite Press, Newton.

Friesen, Isbrand Johann - A Family Tree
      The Family Tree of Isbrand Johann Friesen (1853-1933) and Katarina
      Krause (1855-1896) and their descendants. Genealogy, photos and stories included.

Friesen/Hoock - Nick and Helen - 1800s to present by Art Hoock
      Includes genealogical charts, family stories and photos

Friesen, Friesen - Loewen Family History
      The Neuman - Friesen Family Tree

Friesen, History of the Dietrich Johann Friesens by Art Hoock
      February 1984 (Two Copies)

Friesen, Genealogy of Johann von Riesen - Friesen
      by K. Peters, Winnipeg. Compiled for Gerhard I. Peters (Three Copies)

Friesen, Jacob - Es War Einmal
      An autobiography beginning in the 1930s to present. Included is a
      genealogy beginning with Johann Friesen & Helena Niebuhr (1700s to present)

Friesen, Jacob - Heimat in der Fremde
      His is the story of Jacob Friesen. Includes many family photographs
      and a genealogical record beginning with Kornelius Wieler (1826-1889)
      and Elisabeth Braun (1828-1919).

Friesen - A History of the Tiefengrund Friesens

Friesen, Jacob Herman - My Father Jacob Jacob Friesen
      His father's story told, self-published, bound 8x11, 60 pp, plus 9 pp b x w photos.

Froese. See also Ancestors of John Froese.

Froese. See also Maria, Our Mother.

Froese - Abram Johann Froese Family
      This family history details the descendents of Peter Froese (1775-1806).
      The contents included lists of family members for each generation,
      as well as numerous black and white photographs.

Froese Book 93 - David E. Redekop - Chairman of Committee

Froese, John and Katherine Dyck/Dueck
      A two-volume history and genealogy of the Froese - Dyck - Dueck families.

Froese, Im Wandel Der Jahre
      Sarah Froese (Mrs. Heinrich DeFehr)

Froese, Kornelius (1760)
      Memories of the lives and families of Kornelius and Anna Froese.
      Begins with Kornelius Froese (1760) and traces the family through
      the generations to the present. Fine photograghs are included plus
      obituaries and life history of Cornelius Froese (1904-1981) and Maria Thiessen (1905-1994)

Froese, Peter Kornelius & Descendants - What Is my House?
      This is the story of Peter K. Froese - 1828-1901 and Maria Block
      and second wife Maria Loeppky and their descendants in the 1900s.

From the Root to the Fruit, or Our Heritage (Epp)
      Translated and compiled by Henry Epp in 1975. This bound photocopy is based on family
      registers and other writings found in an old book brought by the author's ancestors from
      Prussia to Russia and finally to Canada. Some text telling the family story. The author's
      family resided in Siberia but managed to escape the USSR during the 1920s. Genealogies.

Funk - See also Sara's Family - My family

Funk - Abraham & Johanna Funk Family Album - 1985

Funk Family (1749-2000):
      A thorough genealogical study of the Funk Family, with historical
      narrative, copied photos, genealogical listings.

Geddert Family History
      Compiled by Ben Geddert and Martha (Geddert) Striker. Large hardcover. Numerous
      b/w photos. Some historical text. A wealth of family tree information. Well indexed.
      Russian Mennonite history. Self-published in 2007.

Genealogy of the Jacob Dahl Family, A
      Compiled by Herbert D. Peters, Saskatoon. Undated. Sixty pages of
      detailed genealogical lists, with appendices. Photocopied and bound. 60 pp.

Genealogy of Tina Plenert nee Neufeld
      Bound photocopy. Nearly all of this volume consists of family charts. A few photos.

Giesbrecht, Johann F. and Aganetha
      A listing of the Johann F. Giesbrecht family descendants from 1867 to 1983.

Giesbrecht, Peter P. and Elizabeth.
      See also Memoirs from the Lives of Peter P. and Elizabeth Giesbrecht.

Giesbrecht, Wilhelm. See also Schönwiese: ein deutsches Dorf in Sibirien.

God's Hand on My Life. See Henry & Elsie Brucks Autobiography.

George Krahn Family, The: 1839-1999
      By Isaac Bergen. Mostly English, some German language. Large hardcover. Numerous
      photos b/w, family portraits, pioneer photos. Extensive family trees. Indexed.
      Self-published, Abbotsford, 1999.

Goertson, Duane & Martha - Goertzen to Goertson
      A look at the Goertson's ancestors and some Mennonite history.
      Heinrich Goerzen - 1832 and on to 2000. Includes extensive
      genealogy data and a large collection of photographs.

Goertz, Aaron, Goertz Memories
      Talk given by Aaron Goertz on August 19, 1989 at Goertz family reunion, 10 pp, Photocopy, 8x11.

Goertz - Family records & diaries of Annie Goertz (1919-)
      This is a record of descendants of Peter Sievert Goertz (b. 1882)
      & Catharina Heppner (b. 1885). These are photocopies and include
      information into the 1990s.

Goertzen by Peter Goertzen.
      The story of "Kanadier" Mennonites who left Russia in the 1870s, but
      includes migration narratives to Mexico as well. Mostly prairie settlers. Photos b/w,
      documents, detailed birth and death records, as well as short life sketches.
      Edmonton, D.W. Friesen, 1976. 176 pp.

Goertzen, Jacob J., Autobiography--1913-1987: GOD'S HAND UPON MY LIFE
      Jacob J. Goertzen was born in 1913 on an estate in the Crimea.
      He writes of the 1920-21 famine and of the trip from South Russia to
      southern Alberta in 1925. He married Olga Braun, they raised raspberries
      and family grew to include five children. They moved to B. C. and he began
      working in a sash and door factory and as a volunteer with prisoners.
      His book includes details of his volunteer work.

Goerzen, Anny Penner Klassen, Anny: Sheltered in the Arms of God.
      A true story of survival in Russia.

      Anny's story begins with her grandparents, Jakob G. Penner (b.1834)
      Anna Krahn (b.1842) in Russia. It recounts the story of her earlier
      days in Russia leading to the Russian Revolution, repression and imprisonment.
      Photographs and family tree are included.

Goerzen, Anny Penner Klassen, Anny Part 2: Sheltered in the Arms of God. The Years in Canada.
      This is the continued story of the author during her years in Canada, 1948-2003.
      Includes family trees of the Penners and Goerzens.

Goossen, Frank and Marriane.
      Life before Canada. The family history of Franz and Katharina Goossen and
      Jasch and Maria Kornelson. This account covers their time in the Ukraine,
      the post WWII trek and eventual migration to Canada.

Gottes Führungen in unserm Leben: Die Lebensreise von Peter und Elsa Tielmann
      (geb. Funk) "God's Leading in our Lives: The Life Journey of Peter and Elsa Funk Tielmann"
      By Peter and Elsa Tielmann. Bound 8X11, self-published.
      Large print, German language, numerous b/w photos. 140 pp.

Götz Familienbuch: Vorfahren und Nachkommen von Gerhard und Maria (Wiebe) Götz
      "Götz Family Book: Ancestors and Descendants of Gerhard and Maria (Wiebe) Götz."
      Large glossy paperback with numerous photos, b/w, and detailed genealogies. Some
      brief narrative. German language. n/a, n/d, 54 pp.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Life and Experiences of David Nickel
      Disc with 14 PDF files, photos, text, maps, genealogies, family and personal memoir.

Gunther, Anna (Wall) - My Life's Story
      This is the story of Anna (Wall) Gunther (b. 2 July 1909) and her family from 1909 to 1986.
      also included are the Gunther and Wall Family Trees.

Harder Heritage, The.
      Large bound book. Meticulous genealogies. Some memoirs, b/w photos. 1974, 164 pp.

Harder History - The Blumenstein Legacy -
      A Six Generation Family Saga begins with Johann Harder (1764-1827) and Helena Stees
      and their descendants. Includes extensive historical background and photos.

Harder - The Blumstein Legacy - 2nd Edition
      This is an edited and expanded version of the Blumstein Legacy
      by Leland D. and Samuel W. Harder.

Harder, Henry: A Twig on a Branch of the Harder Family Tree
      This 11-page study begins with the marriage of Henry Harder and Susan Sawatsky on 11 July 1911.

Harder, Peter P. & Gerhard P. Quiring
      From Prussia to Russia to North America: 300 Years
      from the 1500s to the present and the family tree

Heese, Heinrich, autobiography and genealogy--1787-1978.
      Compiled by Ernest J. Klassen and K. Peters, Winnipeg
      Other family names include DeFehr, Dyck, Ediger, Ewert, Fast, Funk, Heinrichs, Klassen,
      Martens, Riediger, Toews. Includes an index.
      The Heinrich Heese autobiography in German is included as well as an English translation.

Heidebrecht, Peter (Heydebrecht)

Heimat Neuendorf.
      By Isaak Thiessen, 1982, Bielefeld. German language. Some memoir.
      Description of Mennonite life in Neuendorf, Germany. Letters, poems, musings. Maps.
      Bound photocopy.

Heinrich Kasper Genealogy.
      Bound photocopy. Apparently compiled by Art and Hilda Kasper. Handwritten.
      Detailed genealogies. 2007, approx 50 pp.

Heinrichs. See also Call to Remembrance: Abraham C. Neufeldt & Elisabeth Heinrichs

Heinrichs of Halbstadt
      Begins with Peter Heinrichs (1804-1849) and Maria Janzen (1810-1852)
      in Chortitza and later in Manitoba. Ancestry, history and genealogy
      along with photos are all included.

Heinrichs, Kornelius and his descendents--1782-1979
      Compiled by Neil Heinrichs, Marianne Heinrichs Janzen and Arthur Heinrichs Toews
      Published by Kornelius Heinrichs History Society
      Printed by D. W. Friesen & Sons Ltd., Altona, Manitoba
      Other family names include Bergman, Dick, Epp, Hildebrand, Klassen, Loewen Martens,
      Peters, and Wiens. Includes an index.

He leadeth me in the right path See Peters, Gerhard Isaac
      By Gerhard Isaac Peters. A large paperback, photocopy. Russian Mennonite story, with
      a nice mix of memoir, historical documents, b/w photos. 1994, 70 pp.

Henry & Elsie Brucks Autobiography 1986 or God's Hand on My Life
      Bound photocopy. One photo, otherwise all text. Story of missionary and ministerial
      life. Includes experience in the Belgian Congo. 91 pp. Also obituary of Henry Brucks,
      reprinted from the MB Herald, April 11, 1987.

Heppners in Prussia, Russia and America
      Early Anabaptist and Heppner history is included. Extensive Heppner genealogy
      including Jacob Hoeppner (1748-1826), his ancestors and their descendants.
      Includes and exhaustive name index.

Hepting, Henry. See also Unpublished Memoirs of Henry Hepting

Hoeppner Family Tree (found in the Archives Room shelf)
      Ancestors and descendants of Jacob Hoeppner (1850 - 1936) and Aganetha Dueck (1853 - 1922)
      are organized on a very large chart (in a roll).

Hershey, History and Records of the Hershey Family
      From the year 1600 By Scott Funk Hershey PhD; LLD

Hiebert: See also Our Hiebert Family

Hiebert, Abraham P. And Descendants
      Genealogy and History of Abraham Hiebert (1889-1958) and Maria Wolfe
      (1896-1962) and their descendants.

Hiebert Heritage to 2010.
      Compiled by Al Hiebert. Subtitled Wilhelm and Anna Hiebert Descendants and
      Ancestors. Large glossy paperback. Russian Mennonite stream. Numerous b/w and
      colour photos, detailed lists of families, genealogies, maps, brief history, with
      thorough index. Self-published, Steinbach, Manitoba, 2011, 117 pp.

Hiebert, Jacob S. and Katherina and their Descendants
     Genealogy and Family history of Jacob S. Hiebert (1833-1906) and
     Katherina Hiebert (1855-1916) and their descendants.

Hiebert, Johann and Magdalena and their Descendants
      This is a Genealogy and Family History of Johann Hiebert (1747)
      and Magdalena (1754)

Hiebert, Wilhelm and Katherina (Esau) Hiebert - Family Story
      Wlihelm Hiebert (1847-1908) and Katherina Esau (1849-1940). This binder contains
      the record of the ancestors and descendants of the Hieberts.

Hiebert, Kornelius & His Descendants 1833-1991
      A comprehensive family history, including numerous black and white photographs,
      genealogical charts and maps.

Hiebert, William. See "Descendants of"

Hildebrand, Daniel Johann.
      Ancestry and Descendants of Daniel Johann Hildebrand and Anna Dyck.
      Compiled by Marvin D. Hildebrand, December 1988

Hildebrand, A Family History-- 300-199l.
      Written and published by Edward Hildebrand
      Printed by Fraser Valley Custom Printers, Chilliwack, B.C.
      Other family names include Boschman, Daniels, Giesbrecht, Heidebrecht, Hooge,
      and Thiessen. This history begins with the origin of the name Hildebrand.
      It can be traced to an early ballad, "Das Hildebrand Lied," the oldest surviving
      manuscript of a German epic. There are sections on early Anabaptist history, the
      immigration from Prussia to Russia, and the later period of the Revolution.
      Includes information concerning those who came to Canada and those who remained
      behind in Russia. Includes photographs and family charts.

Hildebrand Family in Canada

History of the Krahn Family, The.
      Bound photocopy. Author, Peter Hoover, of Cuauhtémoc, Mexico.
      Helpful history of Russian Mennonite Mexican migration. 1982, 49 pp.

Hoock. See also Art and Vicky Warkentin Hoock Story.

Hoock, History of Julius Hoock and Susanna Janzen
      by Art Hoock, April 1984

Horst. See also The Daniel and Annie (Weber) Horst Family Book

Horst. See also The Samuel M. and Magdalena (Brubacher) Horst Family Book

Huebert, Claas - The Muensterberg Hueberts
      A family history and genealogy of the descendants of Claas Huebert - 1785-1853
      and Maria Thiessen, 1788-1827, second wife Anna Rempel (died in 1835) and
      third wife Elisabeth Toews 1814-1902.

Huebert, Gerhard David. The Life of Gerhard David Huebert: Living the Word.
      The life story of G. D. Huebert, beginning in 1906 in Russia, ending with chapters
      on Gerhard the writer, conference man, preacher and theologian.

Hübert. See also Chronik der Familien Hübert und Bückert.

Isaac Family History. Subtitled Genealogy of the Gerhard Isaac Family
      Beginning with Phillip and Maria Isaak (1694-1975).
      Bound paperback. Genealogies. German language. Prepared by Maria Janzen, 1975.
      Reworked by John Friesen, 2008. 27 pp.

Isaak Family.
      Compiler unknown. Detailed genealogies, photocopied and bound. Descendants (and
      some forebears) of Henry Peter Isaak (1861-1920) and Anna Braun Isaak. Some
      photocopied maps. Date unknown.

Isaac, Art. See Molded by the Master

Isaac. See also Family Book of Jacob W. Isaac 1879-1964

Isaac. See also A Family Book from 1694-1916 and Personal Experiences by Peter Isaac

Isaac, Gerhard (1836-1886) & Agatha Hiebert Issac (1836-1912) - An Isaac Family Record
      Compiled by J. Harold Moyer - pub. 2001. Includes extensive genealogical
      information, some maps, photographs, charts and a name index.

Isaak, Peter P. 1897 - The Story of My Life.
      Bound memoir with notes. 74 pp. Russian Mennonite story.

Iwanowka. Die Geschichte der Familie Epp aus Iwanowka (Eppchutor) in Sibirien und
      deren Stammbaum (beginnt bei Peter Epp, geb. 1690)
(Ivanovka. The Story of the
      Epp Family from Ivanovka (Epp Khutor) in Siberia and their Family Tree (beginning
      with Peter Epp, b. 1690)
      German language. A thorough family history beginning with Peter Epp, born 1690
      in Danzig. Meticulous genealogies, maps, photos b/w, sketches. Well-indexed.
      Russian Mennonite line. Large hardcover. By Johann Epp, self-published,
      Bielefeld, Germany, 1995. 460 pp.

Jacob and Anna (Wiebe) Esau
      Compiled by Henry Esau, 2002. Bound photocopy. Genealogical data with some
      introductory material. Jacob Esau 1873-1929. Anna Wiebe Esau 1876-1953. Kanadier
      stream of Mennonite immigration. Birth and death dates, but locations often not noted.

Jacob Dyck Family Genealogy (1754-1929)
      Compiled by Abe and Helen Dyck. Some introductory material. Bound copy of photocopied
      genealogies. Some handwritten. Very detailed material, Russian Mennonite stream.

Jaeger. See also Descendants of Jacob Dyck and Elisabeth Jaeger.

Jahnke Family Book
      This family genealogy begins with Jakob Elias (1808-1902) and Maria Dueck (1812- ?)
      and includes notes and information regarding this family from Russia to Canada.

Jakob Wiebe: Schoenau-Molotschna, Province Taurien, South Russia, 1799-1856
      This bound photocopy contains strictly genealogies and family data. The genealogy
      begins with with Jakob Wiebe, 1799-1856, although his father, Peter Wiebe born 1755
      is also mentioned.

Jantzen. See also Nachkommen von David Jantzen.

Janzen. See also "Unsere Familie."

Janzen Memoirs - compiled by Anne Friesen.
      Glossy hardcover, numerous photos, colour and b & w, genealogies, life sketches.
      Abbotsford: Mimmo FX, 2009, 297 pp.

Janzen - The House of Jacob
      Ancestors and descendants of Jacob Janzen (1822-1885) and Maria Waldner (1831-1914) and
      an earlier (unnamed) wife.

Janzen, Agnes -
      This is the story of a period in the life of Agnes Janzen from 1941 to 1948 being
      forced to move from Russia, to Poland and Austria and finally to Canada.
      (Translated by Helen Janzen).

Janz, B.B. Janz (1877-1964) and Maria Rogalsky (1879-1953) - Janz Reunion 1992
      An extensive genealogy of their descendants with a brief account of
      the Janz ancestors. Photos included.

Janzen, Genealogy of Abram Janzen 1724-1979
      Compiled by Ernest J. Klassen - by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Janzen, D. K. See The Life and History of the D. K. Janzens

Janzen, Heinrich and Sara (Tiesen) Family
      This is a comprehensive listing of the descendants of Heinrich Janzen (b.1816) and
      Sara Tiesen (Klassen) (b.1814). The story begins in Kronsweide , then to Russia
      with descendants in Germany, Paraguay and Canada.

Janzen, Heinrich P. Our Heritage - compiled by Hedy Janzen.
      Photos, genealogies, memoirs. Russian Mennonite history, hardcover 8 ½ x 11, 147 pp.

Janzen, A Family History and Genealogy of Jacob (1840-1912)
      and Susanna (Baerg) Janzen (1842-1917),

      Their ancestors and their descendants. Compiled by Russell H. Janzen

Janzen, Genealogy of Johann Janzen 1752-1823 and Maria (Bergmann) - 1758-1808
      Compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K Peters, Winnipeg

Janzen, The Heinrich F. Janzen Family Record, 1849-1992
      Genealogies, maps and plans, numerous photographs with explanatory text

Janzen, Henry Jacob. See also Life Story of Henry Jacob Janzen

Janzen, Julius (1782)
      Duplicated copy of family information beginning with Julius Janzen collected by
      Katharina (Katie) Banman. Includes a great deal of genealogical information along
      with numerous photographs.

Janzen, Peter. See also Meine Erinnerungen: Lebensbericht eines Russlanddeutschen.

Janzen, Genealogy of the Schoenweiser Janzens 1752-1979
      Compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K. Peters, Winnipeg

John and Helena Thiessen Story, The
      By Clara Thiessen. Large soft cover, bound, numerous photos both b/w and colour,
      narratives, well-written, genealogies, bibliography, Russian Mennonite memoir as
      told by daughter. Globe Printers, Abbotsford, 2010.

Kaethler - Goossen - Wiebe Familie & Nachkommen bis 2005
      Family history compiled by Ingrid (Kaethler) Epp of Paraguay. This book is in German
      and it contains 253 pages of information and index. It begins with the Goossen family
      in 1680 and Kaethler family information beginning in 1750.

Kasdorf, Family History of Isaak Kasdorf.
      Genealogy, village plan, numerous photographs with captions.

Kasper. See also Heinrich Kasper Genealogy.

Kith & Kin: D. Friesen Family Record.
      Bound photocopy. Helen Friesen, compiler, updated by Bill Friesen.
      Detailed Genealogies, some b/w photos, documents, 2005, 171 pp.

Klassen. See also Descendants of Gerhard Klassen & Anna Klassen.

Klassen, A Family Heritage
      Edited by J.J. Klassen. Large hardcover, photos some colour, histories, genealogies,
      Russian Mennonite family, D.W. Friesen, 1980, 528 pp.

Klassen, The Klassen Book 1974
      Copyright reserved The Penners. Large book, paper bound, family data, 417 pp.
      Russia and Canada.

Klassen, Elizabeth 1979 - My Life Story. Typed, bound. 32 pages.

Klassen, Erica (Rahn)
      Photocopies of letters written by Greta (Dueck) Pauls (the aunt of Erika Klassen)
      to another aunt Liese (Dueck) Becker. Sent from Waldheim, Omsk to Narem,
      north of Tomsk (Siberia) Time period is 1931 to 1938.

Klassen, Klassen Family History Collection
      Peter J. & Liese Klassen family genealogy and history recorded on 4 CDs
      - Primary CD - Tributes & Genealogical Records
      - Photo CD - 532 photographic images
      - Oral History CD (2) - Volume I & 2

Klassen, Franz & Justina - Family Book

Klassen Genealogy: John Julius Julius Klassen and Family, 1798
      This 636 page genealogical study includes maps, a historical context,
      coat of arms followed by the history and photographs of ten generations of Klassens.

Klassen, Gerhard & Anna - 1839-1980s - Klassen Genealogy.
      Family genealogies. Typed and bound.

Klassen, Gerhard & Helena (Thiessen). See Children and Heirs.

Klassen, Henry T. & Clara - Our Journey.
      Personal memoirs by Henry and Clara, Russian Mennonite story,
      photocopied, bound, some genealogies.

Klassen, Herman Kornelius (1861-1941)
      Covers the history of the Mennonites briefly and then goes on to describe life
      in Russia and the developments in the Klassen Family in particular. Also included
      is a Family Tree by Eleanor Schartner as well as many family photos.

Klassen, John Peter and Maria Froese
      This is the history of the Steinfeld Klassens beginning with John Peter Klassen (1871-1930)
      and Maria Froese (1876-1910). Included are family stories, genealogical information and
      numerous family photographs.

Klassen, Klassen Family History Collection. (Peter & Liese)
      Peter J. & Liese Klassen family genealogy and history recorded on 4 CDs
      - Primary CD - Tributes & Genealogical Records
      - Photo CD - 532 photographic images
      - Oral History CD (2) - Volume I & 2

Kliewer, Kornelius
      A Legacy of Family history and Genealogy of Kornelius Kliewer (1869-1956) and his descendants.

Klippenstein, Genealogy of Bernhard Klippenstein
      1836-1910 Compiled by T.E. Friesen

Klippenstein, Genealogy of Heinrich Klippenstein
      1849-1929 Compiled by B.D. Klippenstein

Klippenstein, Genealogy of Johann Klippenstein
      1845-1923 Compiled by T.E. Friesen

Klippenstein, Johann and Agatha
      Johann Klippenstein (1845-1923) and Agatha (1843-1927) lived in Southern Manitoba.
      Extensive genealogy, photos, and a fine historical background are included.

Klippenstein, Genealogy of Katherina Klippenstein
      Wife of Heinrich Klassen 1833-1878. Compiled by T.E. Friesen

Klippenstein, Genealogy of Peter Klippenstein
      1831-1904 Compiled by T.E. Friesen

Klippenstein Sisters, The.
      Compiled by Gwen Isaak Rempel
      This is the story of the Klippenstein - Unger family beginning with Johann (1845-1913)
      and Helena Wall (1855-?) Klippenstein. It includes stories, photographs, and
      genealogical information.

Koehn, A. T. and Mary. 1914-2001 Descendants
      This family history includes descendants of (a) A.T. and Mary Koehn
      (b) Elmer and Susanna Koehn, (c) Jesse and Elsie Koehn, (d) Clifford and
      Minnie Koehn, (e) Herman and Irene Nightingale Family,
      (f) Duane and Mildred Johnson Family, (g) Vernon and Evelyn Smith Family,
      (h) Kenneth and Betty Koehn Family, (i) Delano and Neoma Koehn Family,
      (j) Stanley and Joyce Koehn Family, (k) Obituaries

Konrad, See also And in Their Silent Beauty Speak

Konrad. See also My Story (As I Remember ...). Memoir of Abraham J Konrad.

Konrad, Jacob and Helena.
      In this history are listed the descendants of Jacob Abram Konrad and Helena Janzen of Rosenort,
      Molotchna. They were both born about 1930 and died around 1892.

Koop, Peter and Mariechen Dyck Koop
      This family history is called Peter, A Man of Stamina and Courage.

Kornelson, Henry and Sara (Reimer)
      Contains the autobiographies of Henry Kornelson (1890-1974) and Sara Reimer (1897-2003)
      with some photos and a brief genealogy.

Kornelson, Heinrich, Genealogy of Heinrich Kornelson
      1807-1975, Compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Koslowsky, Our Family History by Agatha Ratzlaff
      A revision of the 1979 Register of the Koslowsky Family (1769-1979). This book contains
      the historical background of the Koslowskys and the history begins with David Koslowsky
      (1769-1846) and Anna Willms (1792-1846) and lists the family descendants.

Krahn. See also The George Krahn Family 1839-1999

Krahn. See also The History of the Krahn Family.

Krahn, George, Family tree
      Begins with the ancestors of George Krahn (1735 - 1791) and Sara Neustaeter (1740 - 1789)
      in the Ukraine. Included are Froese, Thiessen and Klassen family trees.

Krahn, Peter and Peter Hoover. The History of the Krahn Family
      Part 1 includes the story of the Peter Krahn family with a helpful historical context.
      Friesens and Flemish Mennonites are defined. The hardships of settling in Russia recounted.
      Part II contains the Krahn family register.

Kreider, Lloyd & Adelia
      (The family of Jacob & Barbara Greiter) - 1996

Kroeker, Genealogy of Abraham Kroeker
      1816-1965 Compiled by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Kroeker, J.A. In Remembrance of My father
      "J.A. Kroeker" "As I remember him." Hymnology
      is compiled by Esther Mary Kroeker Unruh, 1990.

Kroeker, Keith D. Life Was Good-The Life of Franz Kroeker and his Ancestors
      From Prussia and Russia to the US and Canada
      History, family stories, maps, b x w photos, timelines. Appendix of historical documents
      such as Schleitheim Confession. Self-published, Courtenay, 2009, 378 pp.

Krueger, Jake, - Nostalgic Recollections of Jacob Krueger
      This is a candid account of Jake Krueger's life in Canada.

Kulchiski. See also Descendants of These Kulchiski's.

Langemann. See also Personal Reminiscences of Cornelius Wilhelm Langemann (1899-1988)

Lebensgeschichte oder Tagebuch von Hermann u Katarina Neufeld Nikolajewka
      (Life Story or Diary of Hermann and Katarina Neufeld, Nikolayevka) Written by
      Elder Hermann Neufeld, 1860-1931. Transliterated by Gertrude Harder. Translated
      by Hermann A. Neufeld and Jacob (Jack/Josh) Neufeld with the aid of Abram H.
      Neufeld. Four binders of diary and family information of Hermann Neufeld and
      Katharina Klassen Neufeld. Hermann was a minister, farmer, and entrepreneur. The
      family immigrated to Canada in 1923, settling in Winkler, Manitoba. A wealth
      of material.

Lepp. See also Lost Dreams, New Beginnings

Letters and Memories
      Bound photocopy. Family history of Johann and Maria Neufeld, compiled by an
      unnamed daughter. Letters from Russia translated by the unnamed compiler. This
      is an interesting mix of translated letters, a biography of the Neufelds, some brief
      historical and geographic background, and photos. Self-published, undated, 24 pp. text.

Letters Saved by Katharina Rempel, Covering the Years from 1926 to 1978.
      Translated by Hilda Neufeld Rempel. Numerous original letters, with translations.
      Meticulously documented book, includes documents from Canadian Board of
      Colonization. Family tree, genealogies, keepsakes, photos. All laminated and bound.

Life and Family of Wilhelm Abram Matties.
      The life and times of Wilhelm Abram Matties (1888-1958) and Justina Wiebe (1887-1920)
      and second wife Agnes Klassen (1891-1993). Includes photos and a family tree. Large
      bound photocopy.

Life and Heritage of the D. K. Janzens
      By David Janzen and Adelina Mehmel. Undated. Photocopied and bound. Lively
      account of Russian Mennonites and their immigration to Canada. Numerous b/w photos.
      Family trees. Includes a German-language appendix written by David Janzen: a
      hand-written family tree. 221 pp.

Life and Times of Alfred (Fred) Rempel, The.
      By Herman Driediger. The story of a Russian Mennonite who fled with the retreating
      German troops during World War II. Glossy hardback, large print. Many photos,
      mostly in colour. Self-published. 60 pp.

A Life filled with God's Leading: The Life Journey of Peter & Elsa Tielmann (nee Funk)
      By Peter and Elsa Tielmann. A translation of a German volume, also available. This
      is a story from the Russian Mennonite stream, and in particular the flow of refugees
      during and after World War II. Numerous b/w photos. Documents and letters.
      Large bound photocopy. 125 pp.

Life Story of Henry Jacob Janzen
      Bound photocopy. Russian Mennonite story and emigration to Canada. Description of
      life in Yarrow, BC. 1984. 16 pp.

Link the Past. A Family History of Victor David Sawatzky born in 1939 to David Gerhard
      Sawatzky and Sara Helene Thiessen in Nieder-Chortitza, Ukraine

      By Linda Epp Sawatzky. Large glossy paperback, with some family stories, many photos
      both b/w and colour, generational charts, letters. Russian Mennonite story. Winnipeg,
      Eppisode Publishing, 2014. 142 pp.

Loewen, Abraham Jacob: Abraham Jacob Loewen: 100 Years Celebration 1874-1974.
      Compiled by Tina Loewen. Detailed program of hundredth birthday celebration.
      Photos b/w, family registers, genealogies. Bound photocopy. Clearbrook:
      A. Olfert & Sons, 1975. 23 pp. + appendix.

Loewen, Dietrich: The Dietrich Loewen Family History and Genealogy 1820-1985
      A thorough family history which includes maps, photos, narrative and genealogical lists.

Loewen, Elias Elias (b. ca. 1764), his wife Helena Fast (b. ca. 1773), and their Descendants
      Numerous and detailed genealogies. Well indexed. Compiled by Helmut Adolf Epp
      in 2002, Fonthill, Ontario. 45 pp. plus index.

Loewen, Helen (Reimer) - Memories
      This family history begins in the 1800s and outlines the beginnings with Peter J. Reimer
      (1887-1953) & Maria Kasper (1890-1968) and their children. Special attention is given to
      their daughter Helen who married John Loewen. It is the family of Helen & John Loewen which
      are featured in this thoughtful writing done by Helen (Reimer) Loewen.

Loewen, Jakob A. - translated by G.I. Peters. Professor of Geology in Russia.
      Russian story, b. 1903, d. 2001. Photocopied and bound, 54 pp.

Loewen, Johann Johann
      Includes the story of this family beginning with Johann Johann Loewen (1883-1973)
      and Anna Janzen (1885-1966). Also includes photos and genealogical information.

Loewen, Memoirs of Peter Daniel Loewen - 1748-1993
      A story of God's grace and faithfulness.

Loewen, William D. - Family Record

Look at the Past, A - The Memoirs of Heinrich Wiens translated by H.E. Wiens.
      These are the memoirs of Heinrich Wiens from 1917 to the 1950's.

Lost Dreams, New Beginnings: The Jacob Aron and David Aron Lepp Family Saga
      By Kenneth Peter Petkau. Subtitled From the Mid 1700s to 1955. A large glossy paperback
      telling the story of a Russian Mennonite family. Excellent and detailed history of the
      Russian Mennonite colonies before and during the Bolshevik Revolution. Numerous
      photos, some colour graphics, detailed genealogies. Well-indexed, a glossary of
      German terms, and several appendices. Saskstoon, Globe Printers, 2008. 290 pp.

Löwen. See also Mein Lebenslauf und Die Familie Löwen.

Lohrentz, Peter Family
      Peter Lohrentz I (1781-1856), Grossweide, W. Prussia and Maria Dyck (1785-1858),
      Dychsmuehle, W.Prussia. Extensive family documentation is given.

Love & Remembrance. From the Journals of Dietrich & Katharina (Matthies) Rempel.
      Volume 1. Origins to 1927. Compiled, edited and translated by Helene (Rempel) Klassen.
      This beautifully designed book begins with background history, then moves on to the journals
      of the translator's grandfather. Many b/w photographs of good quality. Indexed.
      Mennonite colonies in Ukraine. Judson Lake House Publishers: Abbotsford,2012. 186 pp.

Mantler, Peter (1748) - The Mantler History
      Begins with Peter in Altendorf, Grosswerder, Prussia whose second wife was
      Margaret Sawatzky (1773). Contains genealogical information and family history
      and a descendant chart.

Maria, Our Mother.
      Illustrated story of Mary Penner Froese.
      Written by daughter Margaret D. Tiessen. 1999, 67 pp.

Martens, Aron, - Genealogy of Aron Martens
      1754-1977, Compiled for Ernest Klassen - by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Martens, Henry H. See also Where Have the Years Gone

Martens, John R., Memories of John R. Martens 1985 - Compiled by John R. Martens
      (We also have a large roll on which the family genealogy of the Martens is
      written out which is stored on the Family History shelf in the Archives Room.)

Martens, Maria (Klassen) - Maria's Century
      (See Library - Bibliographies - Born Hilda J.)

Martens Family Heritage, The. Author unknown.
      Genealogies, some basic Mennonite history,
      in soft binder, 8x11, Gestetner copy, date unknown.

Matties. See also Life and Family of Wilhelm Abram Matties

Mein Lebenslauf und Die Familie Löwen (My Life Story and the Loewen Family)
      Written by Gerhard Löwen and Harward Krushel. The story of the Loewen family in
      Russia and the USSR from the 1920s through to the 1970s, when some of the family
      emigrated to Germany as Aussiedler. German language, printed in Germany where
      the author resided at the writing of this book in the 1970s. Large 8x11 paperback
      with numerous photos, colour and b/w. 122 pp.

Meine Erinnerungen: Lebensbericht eines Russlanddeutschen
      (My Memories: Account of a Life of a Russian/German)
      Personal memoir by Peter Janzen, German language, Russian Mennonite story, paperback,
      elegantly told, some photos b/w, printed in Germany, 2002, 178 pp.

Meine Lebensgeschichte
      See Neumann, Helena

Memoirs from the Lives of Peter P. Giesbrecht and Elizabeth Giesbrecht.
      Translated by the children of the couple. Bound photocopy. Dramatic story of the
      lives of Peter and Elizabeth Giesbrecht during the times of the Russian Revolution,
      and later their experiences in Mexico. Ends with their life in Yarrow, BC.
      Originally in German. 1963. 14 pp.

Memories. Emilie Warkentin.
      Bound photocopy, Russian Mennonite memoir, documents, maps, 33 pp. Author, nee Ulbricht.

Memories Are Made of This:
      The Story of the Johann and Liese Dick Family of Coaldale, Alberta.

      Compiled and edited by David Dick. Well-organized family history, numerous black
      and white photos, genealogies, timelines, memoirs. Large bound volume. Calgary,
      self-published, 2000, 267 pp.

Mirus, Herbert and Mary
      Lest We Forget ... the Lord's Grace in Our Lives 1917-1990

Molded by the Master
      Autobiography of Art Isaac. Large glossy paperback, numerous photos. The book
      tells the story of Isaac's birth in Manitoba to Russian Mennonite immigrants, his
      boyhood, marriage, family life, and ministry in BC. Chilliwack, Fraser Valley Custom
      Printers, 2007. 179 pp.

Mother's Heart, A
      Elizabeth Reimer Affleck, as told to her daughter, Esther Dyck. Attractive paperback,
      self-published, well-told Russian Mennonite life story, numerous b/w photos, profiles,
      vignettes from various authors, 139 pp, 2010.

My Family - My Memories
      By Erna Buhler. The story of Frank and Helena Andres Peters. Russian Mennonite
      narrative written by the daughter. Bound photocopy. Photos, drawings. Simple and
      well-told story. Some genealogy and maps. Self-published, 1997. 94 pp. + appendix.

My Life in Retrospect 2012-09-12.
      By Jake Balzer. Large bound photocopy. Memoir of a Russian Mennonite.
      Well-written story of the flight from Russia, his education, life as a missionary,
      auditor and translator. Accounts of travels abroad. 72 pp.

My Life in the Twentieth Century: Memoirs of William Peter Voght
      This memoir was written in 1985, then edited by Margaret Voght Ediger in 2005.
      Well-written and nicely organized autobiography of a Russian-born Mennonite migrant
      to Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Large glossy paperback, photos both b/w and
      colour, footnotes. No date or publisher noted. 307 pp.

My Life Story
      By Elizabeth Krause Penner, September 7, 1903-September 1, 1981. Translated and
      edited by Frank Penner, 2005. Brief Russian Mennonite memoir, with maps
      and documents appended.

My Life: The Russian Years 1900-1919
      By Gerhard Wiens, edited by James Urry. Photocopied manuscript, 8x11, 61 pp.
      with appendices. John B. Toews Collection.

My Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me: Memoirs of Henry Warkentin (1923-2000)
      A well-written memoir, large paperback, Russian Mennonite story.
      Many b/w photos. n/d. 142 pp.

My Story (As I Remember...).
      Bound photocopy. Detailed memoir of Abraham J Konrad, 1926-2004. Photos b/w, 2004, 224 pp.

Nachkommen von David Jantzen. (Ancestors of David Jantzen)
      Bound photocopy. Detailed family tree. 2010, 47 pp.

Neudorf. See also He Leadeth Me: Genealogy

Neudorf, Peter D. Family
      dating back to the early 1600s by Jake P. Neudorf
      - Begins with Abram Neudorf b. 1761 in W. Prussia.

Neufeld. See also Family Chronicle.

Neufeld. See also Lebensgeschichte oder Tagebuch von Hermann u Katarina Neufeld Nikolajewka

Neufeld - See also Sara's Family - My Family

Neufeld, Abraham C. and Elisabeth (Heinrichs) Neufeld - 1871-1960s - Family History
      A Call To Remembrance: A Family History of Abraham C. Neufeldt and Elisabeth Heinrichs.
      A well-designed family history with narrative, photos, maps and genealogical charts.
      153 pp. bound, b x w photos, genealogies.

Neufeld, Dietrich P. and Anna G. Sawatzky
      Lists the ancestors and the descendants of Dietrich Peter Neufeld (1888-1941?) and
      Anna Gerhard Sawatzky (1890-1965). The history and movement of Mennonites is reviewed
      giving extensive information about places and people.

Neufeld, Salomon descendants
      Genealogy of Salomon Neufeld, born in the early 1700s (spouse unknown) and
      descendants are listed to the 1800s.

Neufelds & Borns of Kubanka, The
      Edited by Colin Neufeldt, Kevin Neufeldt, David Wiebe Neufeldt. Subtitled "A Pictorial
      History of Two Families." Large glossy hardcover, numerous photos b/w, genealogies,
      documents. Russian Mennonite family history. Self-published, 2006, 358 pp.

Neufeldt. See also Call to Remembrance: Abraham C. Neufeldt & Elisabeth Heinrichs

Neufeldt - Unser Stammbaum (Family Tree)
      Johann Neufeldt (1824-1884) and Katherine Penner (1825-1906) and their descendants
      from Russia to Mountain Lake, MN and Waldheim, Saskatchewan.

Neufeldt, Albert Family History
      This is a photocopy of a book about the descendants of Albert Neufeldt (1875-1945)
      and Hedwig Penner (1882-1936). Photos, stories, documents and genealogy are all included.

Neufeldt, Johann - and Johann Begat...
      The Story of Johann Neufeldt (1815-1884) and his descendants.
      Wife - Sara (Rempel) Neufeldt.

Neumann, David H. - I Remember
      An autobiography - 1800s to 1900s. Includes some family information. Begins with
      Dietrich Neumann (1846-1913) and Katharine Bergen (1849-1922).
      Also Jacob Wiebe (1866-1921) and Elizabeth Schellenberg (1864-1922)

Neumann, Helena (Friesen) - Meine Lebensgeschichte (My Life Story) - 1976
      An account of her life with a brief family record and some photographs.

Neuman, Neuman-Friesen Family History
      Life Story of Johann and Helena Neuman, Neuman Reunion '93.

Nickel - The Nickel Family Tree
      Theodore Nickel (1832-1894) and Eva Ratloff (d. 1872) and second wife Anna Ewert.
      Ancestors and descendants comprise a detailed genealogy of this family.

Nickel, Abram P. See also The Story of Abram P. Nickel and His Descendants

Nickel, Jacob A., The Story of Jacob A. Nickel and his family;
      Compiled by Jacob A. Nickel 1895-1990

Nickel, The Nikkel-Nickel Family of Prussia, Russia, America and Canada
      Compiled by John P. Nickel and Gene M. Nikkel

Nickel, Family Register of Peter and Maria Nickel 1854-1985
      Compiled by Allen and Louise Schmidt

Nickel, Johann and Maria Nickel
      Dedication, Reminiscences by Tony

Niebuhr Hamm, Anna - Anna Niebuhr Story
      Genealogy, memoir, 54 pp text photocopy; translated by Sig Peters.

Niebuhr, Jacob (1766-1835) Descendants
      Large glossy hardcover, compiled by Bill Klassen, photos, detailed genealogies,
      index, no date, 456 pp.

Niessen, Von Niessen, Introduction, Acknowledgement,
      History of Steinfeld, Maps of Steinfeld Compilation and
      Introduction by Mrs. Clara (Niessen) Klassen

Von Niessen - See also Sara's Family - My Family

Nightingale, David - Hearts Set On Pilgrimage
      Autobiography but it includes some genealogical information.

Nikkel. See also Frank and Tina (Dueck/Nikkel) Their Story

Njunja, the Little Girl from Franzovka, by Gerhard Peters
      Large paperbound book, life story of Anna Friesen Peters, Russian Mennonite
      narrative, numerous b x w photos, original accounts, memoirs, as well as additions by
      husband G. Peters, interesting compilation of articles, published in memory of
      Anna/Njunja, Steinbach, Derksen Printers, n.d., 48 pp.

Not Without Zeal. Lessons from Life: The Story of Henry R. Baerg
      Russian Mennonite life story. Life on the Canadian prairie. Some photos. Entertaining
      narrative. Written and self published by Elfrieda and David Dick. Calgary, 2000, 192 pp.

Our Enns Family History. Compiled by Agatha C. Enns Ratzlaff.
      Large bound book, detailed genealogies, numerous photos b/w, some brief accounts.
      A revision of the 1975 Family Register of the Johann J. Enns Family. 1995, 89 pp.

Our Family. Compiled by Linda Willems Fast.
      Meticulous genealogies of the Schmidt family, beginning with
      Martin Schmidt, born 1766. B/w photos, maps and sketches, and
      some creatively written profiles. Even a couple of stories. St. Jacobs Printery, 1985, 161 pp.

Our Heritage: Peter N. Wolf (1850-1934) & Sarah Vehr (1851-1902) Family History 2006
      Massive 2-volume hardcover work. Mennonite genealogy with Mexican connections.
      Detailed genealogies, family trees, replete with b/w photos. Any German passages
      are in parallel English translation. Includes brief life stories. These are two volumes
      that involved an enormous amount of research. Friesen Printers. Published by Wolf
      Family History Book Committee, La Crete, Alberta. Total 1190 pp. + indices in each volume.

Our Hiebert Family 1864-2008
      Bound 8 1/2x11, numerous photos b/w & colour, genealogies, lists,
      no compiler or date noted, 185 pp.

Paethkeau, The Book - 1714-1987
      This is the history of the Jacob Jacob Paetkau (1789-1843) and Margaretha Klassen (1791-1864)
      family. Includes extensive genealogical information with numerous photographs and some maps.

Paetkau-Harder Family Album - 1759-1980
      Jacob Paetkau (1759-1818) and Magdalena Froese (1762-1831) lived in Tiegenhagen,
      West Prussia and later the family moved to Russia and then to the Americas.
      Included are family stories and photographs along with genealogical data.

Pauls. Also see "Unsere Familie."

Pauls/Toews Engagement Letters - 1926 - 1929
      These are letters written by Helen Toews and David Pauls while they were waiting to be reunited
      after three years. David Pauls arrived in Arnaud, MB in 1926 and Helen Toews arrived in 1929.

Penner. Also see Die Familien Johann und Kornelia Penner und deren Nachkommen 1790-2006

Penner. See also Maria, Our Mother.

Penner. See also Sara's Family - My Family

      Includes Mennonite History background, family stories, recipes, songs, etc.

Penner family genealogy. Untitled.
      Compiled by Arnold Penner with assistance from his wife, Jean. Arnold passed away in
      1976 before completing the genealogy. The manuscript was finished by Erna Penner
      Gossen. Some brief Mennonite background history, but detailed genealogies of the
      Penner family, beginning with Peter Penner 1, born c. 1759, Lower Saxony. Bound
      photocopies. 59 pp.

Penner and Family - 1898-1995
      The story of John Penner (1898-1983) and Katherina Friesen (1905-1968) in Schoenwiese,
      MB and later Altona, MB. Family stories, photos and family register are all included.

Penner, Abraham Penner Book 1783-2003
      Biographies, Genealogies and old Russian stories.

Penner, Cornelius H. - The Story of my Life
      The author begins with a brief review of Mennonite history and then goes on to tell about
      the origins of his great-grandparents and successive generations. Heinrich Penner (1801-1843)
      and Margaretha Loewen (1804-1869) lived in West Prussia as did Wilhelm Martens (1819-1919)
      and Katharina Dekkar (1820-1916). The story tells of movements to Russia and Canada and their
      experiences along the way.

Penner - David F. & Helena Penner Family Picture Book by Michael B.G. Penner
      This book begins with David F. Penner (b. 1903) & Helena Reimer (b.1907)
      and records their progeny.

Penner, Elizabeth Krause. See also My Life Story.

Penner Family Genealogy - Heinrich Penner and Catharina Martens (1750-1817)

Penner Family History Book 1680-2000 The Descendants of Peter O. Penner (1832-1910) and
      Margaretha Friesen (1832-1891)

      Text, numerous photos, detailed genealogies.

Penner Family Tree - 1808-1985 - By Mary Giesbrecht

Penner, Franz and Sarah Buhler -
      Family History of Franz Penner (1850-1906) and Sarah Buhler (1853-1935).
      There is an excellent historical background of Mennonites in Russia and
      extensive genealogical records.

Penner, Heinrich and Margaretha (Loewen).
      Includes the genealogy of Heinrich Penner (1801 - 1834) and Margaretha (1804- 1869)
      and their descendants.

Perseverance Prayer & Progress: The Friesen Story, Canada - 1967
      A large glossy paperback. R. A. Friesen is the compiler: "Together They Built:
      Presented at the Friesen Reunion, August 13, 1967, Laird, Saskatchewan." Numerous
      b/w photos, family trees. Some anecdotes and history. Attractive compilation
      with detailed genealogies. Kanadier story: the original immigration to Canada took
      place in the 1890s.

Personal Reminiscences of Cornelius Wilhelm Langemann (1899-1988)
      Translated by Hugo Unger, who was Langemann's neighbour in Corniesheim, Friesland
      Colony, Paraguay from 1948-1954. Bound photocopy. The story of a Mennonite fleeing the
      Soviet Union after the First World War and settling in Paraguay. This is the tale of the
      early very difficult years of settlement in the Chaco. Vividly told. 67 pp.

Peter D. Friesen Family History 1500-1950
      Bound photocopy. Detailed family trees, some short histories, maps. No date or
      author (compiler) available.

Peters, Aron F. (1893-1972) and Elizabeth Dueck (1895-1963).
      Includes bios, genealogy charts and photographs. Inserted in a Peters family tree (chart)

Peters, Bernhard - Ancestors & Descendants.
      This book includes a summary of Mennonite History from Switzerland to Canada, maps,
      photographs, family tree and notes. Begins with the lineage of Maria Fast whose
      ancestors are traced to Berend Dyck, Elizabeth Regehr (1700s) and the Peters lineage
      beginning with ancestors Gerhard Peters (b. 1772) and Agathe Bueckert (b. 1778)

Peters, Cornelius C. See also Once There Was a Man

Peters, Daniel John
      Genealogy (Roll located on the shelf in Archives Storage Room)

Peters, Frank and Helena (Andres). See also My Family - My Memories.

Peters, Gerhard, Genealogy of Gerhard Peters - 1772-1978
      Compiled by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Peters, Gerhard, Family Tree of Gerhard Peters
      1772-1964 Compiled by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Peters, Gerhard, Peters Family Heritage Album By Ernest H. Baergen

Peters, Gerhard Isaac He leadeth me in the right path
      Large 8x11 memoir, some b/w photos, vivid Russian Mennonite narrative, self-published, 70 pp.

Peters, Gerhard Isaac - How God Leads - 1974
      Photos, genealogies, brief memoirs.

Peters, Isaak F. - 1870-1951 - By Katharina Peters.
      Genealogies, lists, 54 pp.

Peters, John. See Twice Abandoned: The John Peters Story

Petker, Mary - Dankt Dem Herrn Mit Frohem Mut - These are the memoirs of Mary (Dueck)
      Petker from Elizabethal, Molotschna to Rosedale, BC. A brief genealogy is included
      beginning with Peter and Margarete Barg Dueck and Peter and Maria Pauls Funk.

Philippsen Alvin (1929 to present) - Life story.

Plenert. See also Genealogy of Tina Plenert neé Neufeld

Poetker family genealogy --- See Wiesenfeld: They Came from Wiesenfeld

Pump, Margaret (nee Rempel)
      The family history of the Rempels dating back to 1735. This account includes
      genealogical charts, narrative history and photographs.

Ratzlaff. See also "Unsere Familie."

Ratzlaff, Gerhard - Vater Abram - Von der Ukraine uber Sibirien und China nach Paraguay
      und Kanada.
German narrative about the Ratzlaff's family's sojourn from Prussia,
      Ukraine, to Siberia and on from China to Paraguay and finally Canada. Abram Ratzlaff
      (1904-1981). 150 pages.

Ratzlaff, Andrew B. - 1824-1972.
      Maps, genealogies, 51 pp.

Ratzlaff, Erich L. Vom Don und den Fraser. Forschung und Erinnerung:
      Eine Persoenliche Familiengeschichte. "From the Don to the Fraser. Research
      and Reminiscence: A Personal Life Story." All history/text, 174 pp., German language.

Ratzlaff, Eric Leonard. From the Don to the Fraser.
      This autobiographical account describes in general terms Mennonite origins and then
      provides an autobiographical account of the author's life.
      Translated from German, entry above, "Vom Don und den Fraser."

Ratzlaff, Family Register - by Eric Ratzlaff, 1971.
      Family trees, genealogies.

Ratzlaff - Our Family Heritage
      Genealogy of Peter P. and Anna (Schroeder) Ratzlaff - 1600 to present - by Agatha Ratzlaff.

Ratzlaff, Gerhard: See also Vater Abram: Von der Ukraine über Sibirien und China nach
      Paraguay und Kanada

Recollections: As it happened.
      By Hugo Unger, written between 1999 and 2009. Both memoir and family history.
      No photos. Some hand-drawn maps and genealogies. Russian Mennonite story,
      a well-written narrative of post World War II flight and life in Paraguay. Large glossy
      book, 361 pp. + maps/genealogies.

Records Jacob H. Niebuhr
      Records kept by Jacob Niebuhr: Section one: Birth and death dates of family members and others.
      Section two: Listing of memorable events, including family events, political, etc.
      Bound photocopies. All hand-written. No date. Russian Mennonite line.

Redekop, The Redekop (P) Book,
      The Descendants of Benjamin Redekop (1833-1907) and Anna (Wiebe nee Baerg)
      Redekop (1819-1899) Freda Pellman Redekop-Editor

Regehr: See also The Story of the Family Regehr 1700-1995.

Regehr: The David and Katharina Regehr Family of Steinbach, Molotschna, 1835.
      See The Shepherd David and His Flock.

Regehr, Heinrich and Katie. So Wie Es War.
      The story of the H. Regehrs born in Annowka, later of Winnipeg and retirement in Clearbrook.

Regehr, Katharina - Recollections of my Life
      Life story of Katharina H. Regehr (1894-1982) from birth to about 1950.

Regehr, Peter and Anna (Reimer) Biography
      This biography includes the ancestors and descendants of Peter Regehr (1883-1977)
      and Anna Reimer (1883-1977). Includes an extensive account of family history
      and genealogical listings.

Regier (Reger & Regier) Familienstammbuch & Geschichte der Familie Regier (1700-1995)
      This family history has been edited by Adina and Annie Regehr.
      It includes a rich collection of photographs, maps and charts.

Regier, Katherina (Wiens) Bahnmann Dyck - Remembrances of My Life in Russia 1866 - 1895
      This book covers the period from 1859 -1936. Besides personal comments it contains
      extensive genealogical information beginning in the 1800's for the Wiens, Bahnmann,
      Janzen, Rempel and other families.

Regier, Katherina - Hlack Book
      Includes poems, notes about Rev. Peter Regier and church events in the Tiefengrund, Sask. area.

Reimer, Abram H. Autobiography of Abram H. Reimer.
      Trans. Ernie Reimer, 56 pp.

Reimer, Abraham J. (1877-1943) and Maria Froese (1882-1935)
      Descendants are listed into the 1990s. Included is an ancestor tree of
      Abraham Reimer back to 1817. Contains an index of names.

Reimer, Abraham R. 1841 - 1891 Book 1
      This book includes a brief biography of Abraham R. Reimer of Kleefeld Russia,
      followed by genealogical listing of his progeny. The listing closes on 1 September 1986.

Reimer, Aron R. 1885-1953 Margaretha L. Dueck 1885-1968
      Compiled by Emil Reimer. Russian Mennonite story, immigration to Canadian prairies.
      Numerous b/w photos, personal memories, genealogies. Includes some brief notes of the
      Kleine Gemeinde, Russia, 1801-1866, kept by minister Johann A. Dueck. Steinbach:
      Martens Printing, 1992. 347 pp.

Reimer, Cornelius Story
      The story of the life of Cornelius C. Reimer -1892-1968 from Russia to the
      Soviet Union to Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Canada.

Reimer Family Album
      Descendants of Abraham J. & Maria Reimer, 1887-1996.

Reimer, David P. genealogy --- See entry, Wiesenfeld: They Came From Wiesenfeld

Reimer, Jakob C. Diaries 1915 - 1926 - translated by Edgar Reimer
      There are four parts: Diary from the Medical Corps Service - Book I - 1915-1916,
      Book II - 1916-1917, Book III - 1917-1918, Book IV - Revolution and Journey to America, 1918 -1926.

Reimer, Johann - Familienregister der Nachkommen von Klaas und Helena Reimer
      Family register of Klaas and Helena Reimer, German language, some brief articles but
      primarily genealogical material, some Gothic script, Regehr's Printing, 1958, 404 pp

Reimer, John D. Life Story of John D. Reimer 1922-2000
      Memoir of John D. Reimer. No date. 162 pages text, followed by 64 pages photos b&w and colour

Reimer, Peter R. 1845 - 1915. Family Book
      Herein are contained the biography and descendants of Peter R. Reimer of South Russia.
      The compilation ends as of 21 October 1984. Some 848 descendants are accounted for.

Remembering the Jacob and Maria Elias Reinke Family
      By Arthur Hoock. Bound photocopy. Story of Ukraine Mennonites and their immigration
      to Canada. Narratives, letters, and diaries. Photos colour and b/w with identification,
      as well as documents and maps. Detailed family trees. Self-published, 2013, 108 pp.

Remembrances By Susie Klassen Dirks.
      Written to brother David Klassen, October 9, 1981. Translated
      from the German by Jacob Klassen, October 1993. Story of Russian Mennonites
      fleeing from Russia, but within a framework of a greater time period, 1903-1935.
      Simply and accessible told, with photo, map, and glossary. Self-published, 24 pp.

Rempel, Dietrich and Katharina Matthies. See Love & Remembrance.

Rempel. See also Family Chronicle.

Rempel. See also Family History of Johann W. Rempel and Katharina (Epp) Rempel.

Rempel. See also Frag deine Eltern, was damals geschah.
      Lebensgeschichte meiner Eltern Peter und Eugenie Rempel.

Rempel, Alfred. See The Life and Times of Alfred (Fred) Rempel.

Rempel Family Book
      Documents the history, ancestral roots and genealogy of Wilhelm Rempel (1820-1901) and
      Agatha Sawatzky (1825-1882). This is a large book containing extensive family history.

Rempel Family History:
      The Rempel Family 1797-1976. This family history, written by Dr. Hans Rempel, covers the
      generations from David Rempel 1840 onwards. Included is a brief overview of Mennonite history,
      some genealogical family trees, a bibliography, a very fine collection of b/w photos of each
      of the families listed in the book.

Rempel, Franz & Helena - My Memoirs by Helen Rempel Wiens.

The Heinrich H. Rempel Story.
      Authored by David Rempel, 1986. Photocopied bound material. Some family narrative,
      Russian Mennonite story. Numerous b/w photos, detailed genealogies. 128 pp. plus appendices.

Rempel, Henry. See Building Life's Bridges.

Rempel, Jacob, Genealogy of Jacob Rempel 1766-1984
      Compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K. Peters-A. Stein, Winnipeg

Rempel, Johann David, Einlage, Chronik des Dorfes 1789-1943
      German language, text, photos, maps, 195 pp, Selbstverlag, Regina, 2009, edited by
      Heinrich Bergen, story of the village of Einlage, South Russia

Rempel, Johann and Katharina. See Family History of Johann W. Rempel and Katharina Epp Rempel.

Rempel, Katharine. See Letters Saved by Katherine Rempel.

Rempel, Peter and Eugenie. See Frag deine Eltern, was damals geschah ... Lebensgeschichte
      Meiner Eltern Peter und Eugenie Rempel.

Riediger, Abraham, Genealogy of Abraham Riediger
      1782-1978 Compiled for Ernest J. Klassen - by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Riediger - Wie Gott Fuehrt von J. Riediger - S. Hamm -
      Family information begins with Abraham Riediger b.1808 and includes family registers, as well
      as stories and historical information.

Riediger, Peter and Katherina,
      The Family Tree of Peter and Katherina Riediger (Penner) 1782-1983

Regier, C.W. Through the Years with C. W. Regier
      W. Donald Regier

Rogalsky/Janz - The Next Generation by Linda Friesen
      This family history book brings the Janz story up to date (2005). Contains many family photos
      along with family updates. Also included are descendant charts and family group sheets as well
      as a "Short History of Our Forefathers" written by J.B. Janz

Rutt, Aaron B. & Elizabeth Weaver.

Samuel M. and Magalena (Brubacher) Horst Family Book, The. 1841-1925
      Large bound photocopy. Compiled by Orvie Horst. The story of Swiss Mennonites
      who emigrated from Europe to the United States and from there to Ontario. Numerous
      genealogies and family trees, along with anecdotes and some excellent sketches. Lengthy
      surname index. No date or place of publication given. 489 pp.

Sara's Family - My Family: Stories and Pictures of the Funk and Neufeld Von Niessen
      Penner Ancestors and Descendants
      Large attractive paperback, compiled by Erna Schmidt Unrau, Waterloo, ON, no date.
      Russian Mennonite story, with numerous b/w photos, documents, genealogies. 375 pp.

Sawatzky Family Album 1742-1976
      This is a record of Johann Sawatzky (1863-1941) and Justina Redekopp (1868-1934)
      their ancestors and descendants

Sawatsky, Anna (Van Eitzen) & Helena (Sawatsky)
      Journals, writings, obituaries, family names of these women.
      Submitted by Jack Block, Langley, BC
      ** located in Personal Collections - 987.34

Sawatzky, Heinrich Family
      This genealogical record begins with Peter Sawatzky (1834) and Maria Friesen (1834)
      and traces their descendants until the 1990s

Sawatzky, Victor David. See Link the Past

Sawatzky, Sawatzky Genealogy
      1760-1980 Compiled by Helen C. Andres 1980

Schellenberg: Descendants of Aron Gerhard & Helena and Family Relations Through Marriage.
      A History 1773-1996. Russia-Manitoba, Canada
      Compiled and written by George Henry Schellenberg, Victoria, BC, 1996. Photocopied
      and bound. Interesting mix of family trees, genealogical listings, personal memoir of
      George Schellenberg, archival documents, history of Steinback, MB, and writings on
      Mennonites in Canada. Also includes phone listings of Schellenbergs, 1996. No page numbers.

Schellenberg. See also Descendants of Paul Schellenberg 1634-1719 & their Families.

Schellenberg. See also Der Stammbaum Epp / Der Stammbaum Schellenberg.

Schellenberg, Susie. See also Abe and Susie.

Schmiedeleut Book
      Compiled by David Gross with the help of many others. Genealogical mapping of the
      Schmiedeleut Hutterite families.

Schmidt - See also There Were Thirteen

Schmidt. See also "Unsere Familie."

Schmidt. See also Our Family.

Schmidt Family Record
      Contains names, birth dates and places, wedding dates and places of death.
      Descendants of Heinrich Schmidt (b.1784) and Sara Harms (b.1792).

Schmidt, John J. - Family Record
      John J. Schmidt (b.1843) and Elsie Schultz (b.1843)

Schmidt, Johann P. and Maria
      Family history of Johann P. and Maria Schmidt. Included is a narrative account of
      the family, as well as some b/w photos and maps.

Schmidt, Jonas and Ida, Genealogy, Biography and Memories
      Jonas and Ida (Boehs) Schmidt 1893-1985
      Compiled by Your Sister and Your Aunt, Louise

Schmidt, Solomon and Marie (Fehr) - 1818-1991.
      Genealogies, photos, 702 pp.

Schmidt, Tobias A., History and Memories of the Tobias A. Schmidt Family
      Compiled by Louise Schmidt

Schoenfeld - Ens
      Traces the ancestry of John Schoenfeld (1931 - ) and Anne Ens (1935 - ).
      Including Lehn, Ens, Funk, Penner, Scoenfld, and Tessman families.

Schönwiese: ein deutsches Dorf in Sibirien
      Compiled and written by Margarete Pasytsch. German language. (Schönwiese:
      a German village in Siberia) Stories of Russian Mennonites who continued to live
      in Russia (USSR) between and after the World Wars. A treasurehouse of genealogy.
      Numerous family stories, but based on the ancestry of Wilhelm Giesbrecht and Johann
      B. Unruh. Good quality photos. Published in Gummersbach, Germany, 2010. 140 pp.

Schroeder. See also Stepping Stones.

Schroeder Book 1 1967, The
      No author. Large bound book, photos, documents, genealogies, 458 pp. Detailed information.

Schroeder, Gerhard P.
      German text, 115 pp.

Schroeder, Susie N. (Mrs P.R.) - My Memoirs
      Susie N Schroeder (1888-1966) tells her life story in Mountain Lake, MN.
      A genealogy is included beginning with Johan Baerg (b.1777) and Catrina______(b. 1787).

Schultz, Elizabeth. The Autobiography of Elizabeth (Unruh) Schulz
      An autobiographical account of Elizabeth Unruh Schultz, born 1866 in Heinrichsdorf, Russia.

Schulz, D.B. - genealogy compiled by Clara Klassen

Shepherd David and His Flock, The:
      The David and Katharina Regehr Family of Steinbach and Molotschna, 1835, by Michael Penner
      8 1/2 x 11 bound, Russian Mennonite history, mostly taking place in Russia, photos, maps,
      genealogies, bibliography, index; some short biographies, lengthier memoirs and narratives,
      compiled and written by M. Penner, self-published, 2010, 102 pp.

Sherk, Sherk-Shirk 1732 Freundschaft 1982
      Compiled by Lyle R. Sherk

Shirk, Peter. Family History of Peter Shirk.
      Genealogies, photos, index, 73 pp.

Side by Side: A Memoir of Parents, Anna Enns & Heinrich M. Epp
      By Linda Epp Sawatzky. Glossy hardcover, numerous photos, maps, genealogies.
      Russian Mennonite stories. Eppisode Publishing, Winnipeg, 2010, 183 pp.

Siemens, Gerhard and Maria (Penner) - Lebensgeschichte.
      This extensive family history begins with Peter and Sara Siemens and Peter and Katharina Braun
      in the late 1700s when they moved from the Danzig area to Chortitza. The bulk of the story is
      about the life of Gerhard Siemens and his family in Russia, Paraguay, and Canada.
      Includes many fine photographs.

Siemens, Jacob & Helena (Peters) and descendants.
      The binder contains the family history and genealogy of Jacob and Helena (Peters) Siemens
      covering the time period of the 1850s to the 1980s. It contains stories, photographs,
      family trees and a summary index. It was produced by Henry J. Siemens and Katharina
      and Jacob Bergman. Published in 1983.

Sonyas Geschichte (Susie's Story): From me to you
      Genealogy of Frank (b 1886) and Susanna (b 1908) Warkenten/Warkentin. Bound and
      photocopied. Part I is a translated memoir by Sonya/Susie Warkentin Klippenstein. Part II
      is a listing of descendants. Includes information on the massacre in Eichenfeld, South
      Russia, October 26-7, 1919. Some of the story is a bit sketchy, but still a fascinating insight
      into the life of a Russian Mennonite who emigrated to Saskatchewan. 16 pp.

Spuren: Die Chronik der Familie Duerksen/Dirksen
      "Traces: The Story of the Duerksen/Dirksen Family." By Erwin Rempel. High quality
      hardcover, self-published in Harsewinkel, Germany, 2011. The story of Umsiedler,
      that is, Mennonite "resettlers" who migrated to Germany from the Soviet Union when
      the doors were opened. Replete with photos. Good genealogies and family trees. 125 pp.

Der Stammbaum Epp / Der Stammbaum Schellenberg. Der Familie Jakob Epp und
      Katharina, Geboren Schellenberg (Epp Family Tree / Schellenberg Family Tree.
      The Family of Jakob Epp and Katharina nee Schellenberg)
      Compiled and written by Johann Epp. Russian Mennonite line. Genealogies and
      family trees, numerous photos b/w. Thorough work. German language. Self-published,
      Bielefeld, Germany, 1986. Hardcover. 80 pp.

Stammtafel der Familie Driedger 1962
      "Genealogical table of the Driedger family." Compiled by Paul Schowalter, secretary
      of Germany's Mennonite Historical Society and minister of Weierhof Church. German
      language. Bound photocopy. Mostly genealogy, Prussian Mennonites, with some
      background material. 40 pp. + appendices.

Stepping Stones
      By Susie Schroeder Wilkie, as told to Debbie Fieguth. Brief life story, folksy narrative
      style, b/w photos. Canadian Mennonite story.

Stobbe, Abraham
      Autobiography, b. 1905, from Russia to Clearbrook, BC. 1976, 29 pp.

Stobbe, John, Stobbe Family Album, Descendants of John and Margaretha Stobbe,
      Compiled for the Stobbe Reunion '93 by George D. Falk

Stobbe, John P. and Margaretha 1968-1993.
      Life stories, short memoirs, testimonies, poems, family tree.

Story of Abram & Anna Wiens, The - The Wanderers
      By John Wiens - (found in our Library - Biography section)
      This is the story of Abram and Anna Wiens containing a history of the Mennonites and their
      development from Prussia to Russia and to Canada. It also includes genealogical information

      beginning with Peter Wiens (1804-1881) and Maria Penner (1810-1890) as well as
      Martin Dueckmann (1802-1869) and Katharina Fast (1815-1898).

Story of Abram P. Nickel and His Descendants, The.
      Compiled by Frieda Siebert Nickel. This book was put together in sections over the
      years, corresponding to various family trees. Numerous genealogies, plus maps, photos,
      and some missionary stories from Dan Nickel appended. Bound photocopy, each page
      individually laminated. "Russlaender" and "Kanadier" stories. Various genealogical
      projects were completed in 1996, 2000, 2003.

Story of the Family Regier, The 1700-1995
      Compiled by Adina Reger and Annie Regehr, translated by Henry Regehr. Large
      bound volume, many b/w photos, family data, genealogies, some short prose
      pieces, Waterloo, ON, 2008, 409 pp.

Story of William Baerg, The
      Compiled by the (unnamed) granddaughter of William Baerg. Subtitled "Dad, Grandpa
      & Great-Grandpa: In honour of your 85th birthday…September 14, 2007." Large glossy
      paperback. Mostly photos, many in colour. Some text, history and stories. Russian
      Mennonite story.

Strahl Family Story: see A Canadian Story: The Bill and Martha Strahl Story

Suderman & Wiens Families - A Mennonite Heritage -
      A Genealogy of the Suderman & Wiens Families, 1800-1975.
      By Carolyn L. Zeisset - begins with Heinrich Suderman (1806-1842) and Adelgunda

Sudermans from Alexanderthal, The: 1848-2011
      Compiled and edited by Victor P. Suderman. Subtitled: "A book of Personal and Family
      Stories, Portraits, Photos, and Genealogy." Large glossy paperback. Story of Russian
      Mennonites. Replete with b/w photos, genealogies, and brief life stories. Some short
      histories supplement the book. Published by Victor Suderman, Edmonton, 2011. 257 pp.

Susanne Remembers, by Susanne Willms Thielman
      Glossy 9"x11" memoir, numerous photos and graphics, diary entries, Russian Mennonite
      experience, ed. Philip Sherwood, Abbotsford, Judson Lake House, 2009, 176 pp.

Teichroeb - A Family History and Genealogy
      Peter Johann Teichroeb (1829-1898) and Justina Wolf (1834-1915?).
      Resided in Georgstal, Molotschna. Extensive genealogy included, 1830s to 1970s.

Teichrob Family Story - The Last Journey
      By Henry Teichrob - Library - (Biography section)
      This book briefly tells the story of the Mennonites placing their genesis into their
      European historical setting. The story of the Teichrob family begins in the 1880s and
      proceeds from Prussia to Russia and on to Canada.

Teichroeb, Jacob H. Diary (1915-1926)
      This is a translation of the diary by his son, Jacob, spanning the years 1915-1926 beginning
      in Orenburg, Russia, to the time of leaving for Canada.
      The original is found in 989.2- Individual Histories.

There Once Was a Man ... Events in the Life of Cornelius C. Peters
      Bound photocopy. A lively brief memoir written by C. C. Peters for the Mennonitische
      Rundschau, translated by his daughter Anne Bargen, October 1980. The original article
      appeared in the 1973 issue. Included in this passionately written and intriguing volume
      are other translated articles that originally appeared in the German language Mennonite
      press, including the Rundschau. Documents of a remarkable man. Transcribed by
      Elisabeth Klassen, edited by Robert Martens.

There Were Thirteen - Stories of the Peter and Anna Schmidt Family Ancestors and Descendants
      Large attractive paperback compiloed by Erna Schmidt Unrau, Waterloo, ON,
      no date, 222 pp. Russian Mennonite narrative, b/w photos, genealogies, documents.

Thicker than Water: The Uncensored, Unabridged and Completely Unbiased Account of
      the Life and Times of the Dietrich Klippenstein Family, by Henry Klippenstein

      A frequently humorous memoir presented in incidents, with photos, cartoon drawings;
      paperback, North Vancouver, Loon Press, printed by Pandora Press, 2004. 134 pp.

Thiehsen, Martin, Martin Thiehsen und seine Nachkommen
      1737-1977 Vorwart Hermann Thiessen

Thiehsen, Martin, Martin Thiehsen und seine Nachkommen
      Folder-Container with notes

Thielman, Jacob, Jacob, Thielman and Helena Kroeker
      A Family History and Genealogy of their Descendents by Alfred N. Redekopp

Thiessen, Isaak. See also Heimat Neuendorf.

Thiessen Genealogy.
      Bound photocopy. Detailed genealogies and family trees. n/a.

Thiessen Family - Life and Journeys.
      This is the story of the Thiessen family as told by Meta (Neufeld) Thiessen
      whose husband was Willi Thiessen.

Thiessen and Friesen Families, A pictorial History and Genealogy of the,
      Book 1 and Book 2. This is an extensive history and description of Mennonites
      in general and the Thiessen and Friesen families in particular from 1752-2001.
      Includes extensive genealogical information.

Thiessen, Franz - by Kaethe Klassen.
      Life account, 1881-1950, numerous b/w photos, Regehr's Printing, 1979, 70 pp.

Thiessen, Johann, Genealogy of My Grandparents Johann and Aganetha (Nickel) Thiessen
      Compiled by Esther Born. Genealogies, photos, maps, Russia to Canada, 38 pp.

Thiessen, John/Helena. See The John and Helena Thiessen Story.

Three Hundred Years: Peter Penner (1850-1924) and Margaretha Wiebe (1854-1945)
      Large hardcover. A Russian Mennonite story: from Danzig and Elbing to Prussia, Chortitza
      and Bergthal, and finally to Rudnerweide, Manitoba. Numerous family photos and
      stories. An exhaustive index of names. Some introductory Mennonite history. Compiled
      and edited by John Dyck. Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1996. 284 pp.

Tielmann. See also Gottes Führungen in unsrem Leben.

Tielmann, Peter and Elsa. See also A Life filled with God's Leading: The Life Journey
      of Peter and Elsa Tielmann (nee Funk).

Tiessen, Henry B. - 50 Years - includes book and translation by Mary Nickel.

Tieszen, David D. History and Record of the Tieszen Family
      by Rev. David D. Tieszen. Genealogies, index, Canadian and American Mennonite, 1954.

Tietz, Anna (Fast) - Tante Anna - A Women's Life by Sophie (Fritschi) Peters.

Toews - The Chronology of the Toews Family
      Begins with Peter Toews (1818-1867) and Elizabeth Penner (1818-1905) in Russia eventually
      moving to USA and Canada. Great genealogy and family stories.

Toews, Toews-Thiessen Family Tree June 1982
      Compiled by H.Toews, A.Toews, P.Riediger, J.N.Toews

Toews, Abraham Heinrich (1885-1976) and Susanna Martha Friesen (1891-1953).
      Includes the family story, genealogy and photos plus some additional writings about
      their life in Russia and Canada.

Toews, Jacob B. and Margaretha (Loewen) Toews - Family Register - 1855-1938

A Tree Transplanted: From the Russian Steppes to the Canadian Prairies: The Story of
      Johann H. Epp & Helena Unrau and their Descendants

      Large hardcover. Stories of Russian Mennonites and their descendants. The book begins
      with a brief history of Mennonites, followed by the stories of Johann Epp and Helena
      Unrau and their ancestors. The central portion of the book is devoted to particular
      descendants with their data and usually photos. Appendix includes documents, maps,
      endnotes, and index. Compiled by Epp History Book Committee, Pilot Butte,
      Saskatchewan, 2009. 700 pp.

Trials and Triumphs of a Mennonite Lady: The Life Story of Elisabeth (Siemens) Enns
      Story told by Elisabeth Enns. Russian Mennonite narrative, with some Mexican
      components. Paperback, photos, documents, no date or publisher, 104 pp.

Twice Abandoned: The John Peters Story
      This is a translation by Justina Funk, edited by Debra Brabant, of a German memoir
      by John Peters. Originally Das Verstossene Kind. This is as much a novel as a memoir,
      or perhaps might be designated as "creative nonfiction." Well-written and vivid.
      Translation of German title: "The Rejected Child." Large bound photocopy. 57 pp.

Two Tinas and their Children, The
      By David L. Janzen. Large bound photocopy. Family history of Russian Mennonites:
      Janzen, Reimer, Hiebert. Includes some very good basic history. Many photos, b/w. A
      play and some poetry make this volume quite unusual. Documents include correspondence
      and a translated catechism. 1993.

Unger Family Tree
      Begins with Andreas Unger in west Prussia and then Peter Unger II and
      Sara Froese and their descendants.

Unger, Heinrich and Maria.
      A Harvest of Memories: The Story of Heinrich and Maria Unger. A very extensive, spiral
      bound family history with copious photos, genealogical listings and other copied
      family memorabilia.

Unger, John J. (Rev.) - Memoirs.
      Russia to Canada Mennonite story, b/w photos.

Unger, Peter P.
      Roots, Life and Reflections of Peter P. Unger and Family by Paul Unger, 1996

Unpublished Memoirs of Henry Hepting, The.
      Bound photocopy. Includes photocopied manuscript of Henry Hepting's memoirs,
      German, cursive script. Translated and with an introduction by Annie Hepting Enns.
      The author's complete name is Andreas Heinrich Hepting. Genealogies. 38 pp. plus
      42 page original manuscript. Russian Mennonite story, emigration to Canada. Compiled
      and printed in 1985.

Unrau, F.P. family
      This is an account of the ancestors and descendants of Franz P. Unrau (1879-1961) and
      Elizabeth Kroeker (1881- 1941). Includes stories, genealogy and photographs.

Unrau, Helena. See A Tree Transplanted

Unruh, Johann B. See also Schönwiese: ein deutsches Dorf in Sibirien.

Unsere Familie: A Pictorial History of the Ratzlaff, Janzen, Pauls, and Schmidt Families
      Compiled and edited by Colin Neufeldt. Large glossy hardcover, numerous photos,
      genealogies. Russian Mennonite history. Self-published, 2006, 332 pp.

Unsere Familie Dyck aus Rosental, Suedrussland
      Compiled by Anita Redin Dyck. German language. Thin volume of genealogies and
      accompanying thumbnail biographies. One b/w photo and brief memoir. Russian
      Mennonite wing. Published in Rapid City, SD, in 1982.

Vater Abram: Von der Ukraine über Sibirien und China nach Paraguay und Kanada
      "Father Abram: From Ukraine through Siberia and China to Paraguay and Canada"
      By Gerhard Ratzlaff. Well assembled large paperback, Russian Mennonite story of
      the flight from Siberia through Harbin, China, ending in Paraguay and Canada. Written
      of his father, Abram Ratzlaff. Maps and photos. Self-published, Asunciòn, 2004. 150 pp.

Vehr, Sarah. See Our Heritage.

Vogt Family History, A: The Descendants of Andreas Vogt (1854-1914)
      and Aganetha Block Vogt (1857-1930)

      Large glossy paperback with detailed and well researched genealogies. Numerous
      b/w photos. Maps and charts. Author/compiler is not listed. Copyright, Mennonite
      Genealogy, 1994. Russian Mennonite story. 158 pp.

Vogt - The Descendants of Peter Andreas & Katharina (Nickel) Vogt
      Large glossy paperback with detailed and well researched genealogy.
      Family of Peter (1865-1922) & Katharina (1867-1941) (Nickel) Vogt.
      Many b/w photos and maps, 173 pages with index.
      Compiled by Margaret Irene (Voght) Ediger of Kelowna. Copyright 2012.

Von Riesen - Friesen Story
      Abraham Von Riesen (b.1769) born in Prussia and Anna Doerksen (b. 1773).
      Their descendants are listed along with their moves to Russia, USA, and Canada.
      Extensive genealogy and family stories.

Voth. See also Ancestors of Anna Voth Voth

Voth - Genealogy of the family -1800- 1974
      Hans Voth (1800-1828) and Maria Fleming (1801-1884).
      Both were born in Prussia and moved to Molotschna, Russia in 1828.
      This book contains an extensive genealogy with family stories interspersed.

Voth, Joanne (Buhler) & Leland, Genealogy of Abram Buhler About 1736-1784
      Indexed genealogy, some photos, 2002, 240 pp.

Walde, H.A. Walde Family Book
      1795-1978 Compiled by the Family

Wall, Jakob Diary 1824-1859 (also found in 987.32)
      Includes an index from the April, 1997 issue of Mennonite Family Heritage,
      a handwritten index of names in the diary, a translation of the diary and a
      copy of the handwritten diary itself.

Wall, Ben - Walls with Strong Foundations
      Family story includes a genealogy listing beginning with Friedrich and Maria Wall.

Warkentin. See also But for the Grace of God: Life Story of Jacob Warkentin

Warkenten/Warkentin, Frank and Susanna
See also Sonyas Geschichte.

Warkentin. See also Memories. By Emilie Warkentin, nee Ulbricht.

Warkentin Family History
      Contains a brief background of Mennonite history and includes photos and brief
      stories of family members. Begins with Peter Warkentin and Helena Kasper but
      concentrates on the descendants of Jacob C. Warkentin (1874 to 1920) and
      Dara Guenter (1874-1920).

Warkentin, Henry. See also My Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me.

Warkentin, John and his Descendants - 1820-1990.
      Includes notes and genealogical information as well as photographs.

Warkentin, John G. Family
      This family genealogy includes written memoirs of people referenced in the lists.

Warkentin Reunion Handbook and Directory
      Compiled and edited by Wilfred E. Penner "for the 100th Anniversary of our forebears
      arrival in America." Second edition. Photocopied and bound. Strictly text. Numerous
      and detailed genealogies. 2007. 80 pp.

Wedel, - The Wedel Family - 1660-1976
      Compiled by John K. Wedel. Genealogies, 35 pp.

Where Have All the Years Gone: Who Am I? Memoirs of Henry Martens
      Large hardcover, entertaining narrative interspersed with personal poetry, memoir of
      Henry H. Martens, numerous photos, some colour, 2010, 220 pp.

Wiebe. See also Family Register of Gerhard Wiebe.

Wiebe. See also Jakob Wiebe: Schoenau-Molotschna, Province Taurien, South Russia, 1799-1856

Wiebe. See also Three Hundred Years: Peter Penner and Margarethe Wiebe

Wiebe, Abraham John (1873-1947) and Susie Ewert (1875-1942)
      Ancestors and descendants are identified with stories and photos.
      An extensive production of family information.

Wiebe, Corney Corneyevich,
      Memoirs of this Wiebe Family history begins with Gerhard Wiebe (1781 - 1848)
      and Elisabeth Kroeker (1783 - 1844). Their descendants moved from Prussia (1868- 1872)
      to Russia. Corney Wiebe's story is one of tragedy and confession regarding his life
      and his family's life in Soviet Russia.

Wiebe, Gerhard & Anna (Redekopp) from Prussia to Russia, to Canada, USA, Mexico, Paraguay
      - 561 pages plus and index of their ancestors and descendants.

Wiebe, Henry: The Life Story of Henry Wiebe from Margenau to Canada 1941-1953
      A 23-page document tracing the Wiebe family history. Includes maps, photos,
      and a neatly typed script.

Wiebe, Johann Family -1873-1992
      Johann H. Wiebe (1873-1939 and Agenetha Friesen (1876-1907) married in 1895 and lived
      near Altona, MB most of their lives. Contains family stories, photos and genealogical information.

Wiebe, Paul and Sarah, Our Trip Around the World to Mission Fields
      Nov.4, 1969-Mar.31, 1970

Wiebe, Scenes From My Life, P.P. Wiebe
      1886-1951 Prologue Leone (Wiebe) Gislason

Wiebe, Bilder aus Meinen Leben
      1886-1951 Von P.P.Wiebe

Wiehler Chronik (Chronicle)
      Edited by Frank Wiehler - begins with some historical background and some conjecture about
      early Anabaptists who may be connected to the Wiehlers. Begins with Cornelius Wiehler,
      1786 and his wife Agnete Funk. Mostly German language. Family trees,
      alphabeticalized index, b/w photos. First edition 1921 by Rudolf Wiehler,
      published in 1930, revised 1995, 2000. 297 pp.

Wieler, Peter Family - 1740-1996 - A Bible and a Plow
      Begins with the early history of the Mennonites and then the Wieler story begins with 1776
      census in Prussia in which the names of Peter Wieler and his wife Judith Fast are found.
      Author is Edith Mae Wieler.

Wiens, Abram and Anna. See also The Story of Abram and Anna Wiens.

Wiens. See also Familien Chronik von Jakob Isaak Wiens.

Wiens. See also My Life: The Russian Years 1900-1919.

Wiens Family Chronicle
      Includes information on family name origins and Mennonite history and then zeros in on the
      Wiens family history. The extensive genealogy dates back to 1561 but details emerge with
      Johann Wiens (b. 1748) in West Prussia.

Wiens Family Register, The.
      By Irvin Kroeker. The story of "Kanadier" Mennonites. Narratives, photos, documents,
      an extensive family register. Small size paperback. Winnipeg, Regehr's Printing, 1963.
      64 pages plus register.

Wiens, Gerhard A (1864-1907) & Ageneta Martens (1869-1951)
      Descendants are listed into the 1990s. Included is an ancestor tree of
      Gerhard Wiens back to 1735. Contains an index of names.

Wiens, Heinrich. See also A Look at the Past.

Wiens, Helen - My Memoirs - (see Rempel, Franz and Helena)

Wiens, Klaas (1732-1794) - The Descendents of the Bell Ringer edited by Justina Peters.
      This is an extensive genealogy of this family beginning in Prussia,
      moving to Russia in the early 1800s and then on to Canada.

Wiens, Peter & Helen - Wiens and Penner Families - Dorothy Garbet.

Wiensz, Heinrich - Our Wiensz Heritage - 1774-1970s .
      Our Mennonite Heritage and our Place. Compiled by Esther J. Wiens et al.

Wiesenfeld: They Came From Wiesenfeld: Ukraine to Canada: Family Stories
      There are three sections to this family history: A collection of family memoirs and about Wiesenfeld,
      the Reimer Genealogy, and the Poetker Family Genealogy. The text includes a fine selection of
      black and white photographs.

Willems Family Story -"God Made a Way When There Was No Way"
      Begins with Gerhard M. Willems (1792-1815) and Judet Bergen (1797-1826). This is an
      autobiography of Nick Willems and tells the story of the Willems family including
      photographs and genealogy records.

Willms, Art and Elsie. Trophies, Tributes, Trees
      Elsie's biographical reflections regarding her family and
      the ministry her husband and she were involved in.

Willms, Genealogy of Cornelius Willms
      1730-1972 Compiled for Ernest Klassen by K. Peters, Winnipeg

Willms, Henry J. - Genealogy
      Begins with ancestors Kornelius Willms(1730-1787) and Kornelia Thunen (1731-1779) and
      Peter Neufeld(1697-17690) and Gertrude Rogalski (1728-1806?) also includes
      some family stories.

Woelk, Heinrich genealogy
      Copies of genealogical information from the family Bible made up
      by Heinrich Woelk between 1943-1945.

Woelk, Heinrich and Katharina (Bergen)
      This family history is divided into four sections: Introduction, Woelk Family, Bergen Family
      and stories. Included are Woelk and Bergen genealogies together with photos,
      important documents and narratives of their histories.

Woelk, Heinrich and Katharina (Bergen)
      This family history is divided into four sections: Introduction, Woelk Family, Bergen Family
      and stories. Included are Woelk and Bergen genealogies together with photos, important
      documents and narratives of their histories.

Wolf, Peter N. See Our Heritage.

Zacharias, Wilhelm and Descendants - 1700-1996 by George I. Zacharias

Miscellaneous Genealogy Charts and Family Stories (listed alphabetically)

Bergen, Johann - Johann Bergen's Story - From Russia to Germany to Vladivostok

Friesen, Jacob and descendants - Jacob Friesen and (unknown) Baerg.

Friesen, Jake - Help from Prison - Verwehte Spuren
      An account of their family in Siberia and how they received help from Anna Martens in prison.
      (Translated and edited by Hugo Friesen)

Goerzen, Tina Richert - A brief account of her life and a personal account as well.

Hiebert, Reinhard - Genealogy of Reinhard Hiebert (1856-1919)
      and Anna (Gunther) Hiebert (1860?-1949).

      Family tree outlines some of the descendants.

Hildebrandt, Katherina - Diary and Eichenfeld

Loewen, Aganeta - Genealogy Chart

Lotkeman, Peter (1885-1917) and Helena Dirks (1863-1903)

Neufeld, Helena G. - A Stitch in Time.
      The story of Helena G. (Kroeker) Neufeld includes ancestors in Prussia, life in Russia and Canada

Thielmann family information
      A listing of some of the Thielman family beginning with Jacob Thielmann (1810-1862)
      and Agatha Loettgemann (1819-1876) and their descendants

Unger Family Tree
      Begins with Andreas Unger in West Prussia and then Peter Unger II and
      Sara Froese and their descendants.

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