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Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia

Future Events

Annual Fundraising Banquet:   Mennonites and Foodways

"Mennonites and Foodways: A Miagrope* of Meaning"

Marlene Epp,
Conrad Grebel University College,
Waterloo, Ontario

6:00 pm, Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Emmanuel Mennonite Church,
3471 Clearbrook Road,
Abbotsford, B.C.

Marlene Epp is a professor of History and Peace & Conflict Studies and Director of Mennonite Studies at Conrad Grebel University College in Waterloo. She teaches courses in Mennonite history, Canadian immigration history, peace history, and food history. Most of her published research is on the history of Mennonite women and includes two books: Women without Men: Mennonite Refugees of the Second World War (2000), and Mennonite Women in Canada: A History (2008). Most recently, she co-edited a collection of essays on food history titled Edible Histories, Cultural Politics: Towards a Canadian Food History (2012), in which she has a chapter on Mennonite cookbooks. She is married to Paul Born, originally from Abbotsford, and they have two young adult sons.

(*)   Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?   A Mennonite Low German Dictionary By Herman Rempel.
Definition: Miagrope - m. a large cauldron set on a brick and mortar fireplace, used to render lard in large quantities during pigs killing time.


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